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61. Posted by singapore_ (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Sign language - the most universal

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Yet another myth that must be busted asap...

Sign languages show just as much variation and complexity as spoken languages; official counts are lacking, but estimates for the number of sign languages vary from 300-1000.

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Hi, I´m spanish speaker, and It has been quite surprising to listen that spanish is the easiest language to learn.Comparing it with the only two languages I´ve studied at school(french, and english) spanish seems me quite difficult.
May be I haven´t an impartial opinion about french because is a romance language and is quite easy to learn for me, as would be easy to learn italian or portuguese.
But english it has a very very very simple grammar and verbs conjugations if you compare them with a romance language.I haven´t met yet any english speaker(even those who have been living for a long time in spain) that uses verbs correctly in spanish, or make mistakes in time to time with words order, although I can understand them without problems.
But I must admit the english(and whatever germanic language) pronuntation for a spanish speaker is pretty difficult.

Anyway I´m far of being disturbed, is nice to know your mother tongue is not just one of the richest and most beautiful languages on the world, but is the easiest one.

P.S Sorry for my grammar mistakes, but even with the easiest languague I wouldn´t be a good speaker :-)

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Quoting Travel100

Quoting angela_

Icelandic has the gender thing as well and we have 4 conjugations of every noun, most of which are irregular.

Wow...remind me not to try and learn Icelandic.

I tried that once. Three weeks later when I woke up in the head trauma ward of my hospital...

Actually, I kept it to simple phrases. Almost no need to learn Icelandic for me, because their English is a thousand times better than my Icelandic will ever be.

German, on the other hand... It wouldn't be so hard had I not learned Spanish first. It simply makes no sense to me, and I cannot ever remember being this frustrated with any class I have taken. I scream on a weekly basis. Sorry, Niels, but I have to respectfully disagree. German is hard! I'm picking up Mandarin and Thai more easily.

Pronunciation is generally easier for musicians, particularly for classically trained singers. We are taught to listen for very minute differences in sound. After four years of undergrad training, most of us can critique and analyze diction very well. It makes it so much easier when learning a new language, especially one like Mandarin because there are many sounds produced that are not found in English, not to mention the importance of tones, and all that jazz.

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Quoting singapore_

Sign language - the most universal

Sign language is not universal. American Sign Language, Chinese Sign Language, this sign language, that sign language--doesn't work that way! :P

To make this even more complicated, American Sign Language is based on other types of sign language, including Native American signs which account for about 10% of ASL. One language leads to another, which leads to another...

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66. Posted by Shrinagesh (Full Member 102 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hindi is the easiest if all. You can master it in a month,just
by casually reading it.

Tamil and Chinese are the toughest.Too many letters in Tamil and the phonetics in Chinese could be boggling.

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Hi all,
Though I am native Russian speaker, I find Russian one of the most difficult languages. Russian is easy to pronounce (I think) but the grammar is terrible difficult. We have 6 cases (for a non-linguist) few tenses and conjugations; we have 3 genders (like German I guess?) and declensions..... All those endings and suffixes are a big headache even for us. But the most difficult thing for foreigners (I think) is reduction as we reduce everywhere and all the time. I don't think there are many languages which do reduce that much; we do make cons. voiceless though they are voiced.....
As for easiest language..... I don't think there is one as they all are difficult and easy in their own ways.
I started my Spanish when I was 7 y.o. So it was not difficult at all, as it was a game for me:)
The same with English and it didn't take very long.
I was afraid to start my Finnish, but I had a great teacher in Finland, and she gave me a very important lesson.
On the first day she told us that FINNISH IS NOT DIFFICULT BUT DIFFERENT. So I had to study it without comparing it with other languages, and it worked! IT WAS NOT DIFFICULT!!!
Later the same way French....
And now I started my Chinese, I don't think it will be a problem....
So I think all the languages are difficult in their ways.

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I dont think there is a language easier than another one. Everything depends of your mother tongue. Being a french speaker, spanish and italian are quite easy, because there are all based on latin. The root of these languages are the same.

At 12 years old my english teacher said to my mum that I wont never speak any foreign language because I was not done for it. 15 years later I speak five languages, four of them fluently.

I dont think english is a difficult language because you can communicate pretty quickly. So you get confident and practise it easily. English gets more difficult when you want to speak it to a high level.

There is one language i failed to learn, it´s japanese. I tried and tried but it was far too difficult especially doing it by myself.


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Have any of you used software like Rosetta Stone? Do you find it very helpful?

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spanish is definitely easier. i picked it up so i can speak it near perfect in 3 years of travel to latin america on and off!