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Hi, new to this, does anyone know the best place to book a flight to the Philippines, Manilla, direct would be best, I'm in Glasgow, but can goto any uk airports if needed, thank you.

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the best place for booking a flight always is the website of th airline.

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I do hope you manage to read this. The appallingly rude and entirely inappropriate response above may get you removed from this site.

If you are new to posting on internet forums you should know that using foul language is only tolerated by a very few sites...and certainly by none which are likely to be helpful for travel.

1. Look at to find which airlines fly from the UK to Manila.

2. Check which airports and fares seem most feasible for you. Remember to check cabin and checked luggage allowances and, if appropriate, charges. Also remember to factor in the cost of travel to and from the airport and, potentially, on or near airport accommodation on the night before departure.

3. When you've decided on a flight book on the airline's own website. Booking via third-party websites can cause major problems if things go awry.

4. Make absolutely certain that you have proper travel insurance to cover e.g. flights being delayed or cancelled or bags being lost and...hugely cover you for medical costs and repatriation whilst you are away. No-one is immortal and accidents can and do happen. Even a broken wrist or ankle can cost £hundreds and repatriation costs if you are badly injured or, god forbid, killed can run into the tens of thousands. Don't risk leaving your family to pick up the bill: get proper travel insurance.

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