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Hope you can help!

I’m a 22 year old looking to start a working holiday visa in Australia, not sure when yet as I’m currently getting s divorce, so hopefully in the next couple of months!

I’ll be coming alone, and was just wondering did anyone have any plans before coming to Australia’? As in where they wanted to go etc. Is there many solo travellers, also is it easy getting jobs?

Thanks in advance

Jess x

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I generally advice to have a rough itinerary when going on a WHV; just a list of want-to-see placenames in some sort of logical geographical order, so that if you find yourself in a place which doesn't live up to expectations, and you just want to get out and move on, you don't need to think about or research it, but will immediately know where to move to next. (Also to make certain you won't "skip" anything you really wanted to see.)
And then when you're actually in Australia, and discover how different everything really is from what you were expecting, treat that list as a loose guideline at best - something to ignore entirely when you hear about this other place you didn't consider yet, or feel like backtracking. Accept that the country is too large - and that a year is too short - to really do and see everything. And so just focus on enjoying the here and now of wherever you find yourself.

Be aware of the seasons (only two up north: wet and dry).

Experiences with finding a job differ vastly from person to person. If you have an in demand skill (IT, health care, construction), it should be a breeze. Fruit picking during the hiring spree right before peak season should also be easy (look at the harvest guide (PDF download) for when, where and what). Otherwise it depends on attitude, being in the right place at the right time, and how much you're willing to accept low paying mind numbing backpacker jobs (or have experience with bar work and such), versus finding something a bit more serious (for which you'll be in competition with all the locals - though some of them will be offered by bosses who were backpacking Europe themselves just a few years ago, and so might just favour taking a chance on a fellow backpacker).

Having been a solo traveller myself, I'd say us solo travellers make up the majority of all backpackers there, though there's also quite a few couples, and of course many solo travellers who got to know fellow solo travellers during their first few months and are now travelling together. It's definitely easiest getting to know the other solo travellers, since everyone's far from home and looking for other friendly faces to get to know.