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Hi All,

I am totally new to this so I am looking for some advice on where to go and which order I should do it in. My available window for travelling is between April 1st 2020 to 22nd June 2020.

Following some advice from a friend who recently spent 4 weeks travelling around the Philippines, I'd planned to start the first month (April) of the trip there. My loose plan from this point was to head towards south east Asia (Where exactly I'm undecided) and take it from there.

My main concern was the climate I'd be flying into, given that much of the region is said to be heading in to 'Monsoon season' this time of year.

-Are there any suggested routes that I could take in order to optimise the weather?

With no knowledge/experience of the region it would be ideal if someone could give me some pointers as to how to make the most of my first solo trip.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Fill out your profile so we know where you are starting from.


If the Philippines is okay to visit or not partly depends on what you want to do. Nightlife, shopping, eating, exploring can take place all year long. Some beach areas may be better or worse some months of the year. Below is is a quick Google check for "Philippines weather & when to go: April."

Google type search with your computer will give you some links for weather, what to see and do and in general how to get around. Below link is from this forum:

I have been in the Philippines at different times of the year. I am not a beach person for swimming and diving but walking, exploring, nightlife no problem. Tourists visit every month of the year. Even during the rainy season some tourists visit. Some flooding comes up, etc. But when you do not own the flooded property no big loss to the tourist.

For the Philippines you can't show up with a one way flight. This means you need to have a flight booked leaving the country just to leave your home airport. (Check into a tourist visa if you intend to enter with a one way flight. Tourist visas you apply for ahead of time.) How long you can stay in the P.I. (Philippine Islands) depends on the passport you enter with. Research your visa requirements for your country passport and follow the advice. Most likely you will first fly into Manila. For Manila I used to stay in the Ermita area. (Hotels, nightlife, restaurants, malls, travel agencies for tours, etc.),113.5790874,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x324053215f87de63:0x784790ef7a29da57!8m2!3d12.879721!4d121.774017

Thailand is popular for tourism. Your can fly there from Manila. Tourists visit Thailand every single day of the year. Some months are better for beach type swimming and diving. Different parts of the country will have better beach conditions for certain months of the year. Google type search will give you some pointers for things to see and do and weather expected for certain months.

Like the P.I. your visa requirements depend on the passport you enter with. Also to enter Thailand on a one way flight can be a problem. See POOT below.

Plenty of time to work things out. The Philippines is easy to get around in. For any country you visit you should also research any scams or dangers to avoid. Just about everyone can speak English in the P.I.

At the present time, there is some scaremongering going on in this part of the world because of the Wuhan Virus. Some tourists are cancelling flights to various Asian cities other than China. Hopefully this virus will be under control in China (and everywhere else) by April.

Buy or borrow from a library a printed travel guide for the Philippines. On the cheap look for a Lonely Planet TG. (Old fashioned technology that still works.) For the P.I some internal flying may be necessary. (Think islands!!!)

Up to you.

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The rainy season starts in June for the Philippines (PH). Any typhoon before that would be freakish. Your visit schedule towards the end seems to meet the first two expected typhoons this year - which is fine to experience except when it is too strong that it might delay your flight out of the country from say, a few hours to a day or two?

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It’s not uncommon to see many people traveling to the Philippines alone. If it’s your first time to do so, it might be a little more nerve-wracking but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. The best time to visit in Phillippines according to the weather in the dry season it starts from November to May. And in summers it may be increases the humidity level and temperatures particularly high in April and May.

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Thank for given important information with this post. It's so helpful for me.

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Come on back!

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