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Two of the countries I have LIVED in, not just traveled through, were conflict zones until the 1990s and rated very dangerous, however, I made and kept close personal relationships with both locals and ex pats in both countries. After the peace treaties many great people from abroad came to travel, volunteer and work. For the previous poster who put about 'George W.B. being stupid' who cares??? We ex pats who worked hard largely ignored these knee jerk Anti American 'low budget' travelers, and many of our native friends, who these young travelers thought they were impressing, would generaly laugh at them with us behind their backs (oh, we were so so Politically Incorrect, Sorry dudes!!!), remember we went through the 'winter' of conflict right along with them, and we were not transients, when we walked down the streets the residents knew who we were...what really got me about the hypocrisy of these knee jerk Anti Americans was one day in Lake Atitlan Guatemala..this was in 1990 folks..when some of you were children...An American ex pat run Bar and Restaurant in Lake by a married couple from USA..not 'perfect' people but good honest people..Alicia, the co owner, a very liberal politically and kind hearted ex social worker from Minnesota USA who helped loved the local indingenous people, was legally blind, another one of our ex pat group arrived at the Restaurant from her office (a lady tough as nails..still there working at the Lake) catching a group of these 'budget travelers' SHORTCHANGING Alicia to the MAX. My ex Pat friend P... told me when being evicted from the premises by a local Indingenous man called to help they shouted "You f------- Americans exploit the PEOPLE..get out of G-----------." etc. etc. Damn lucky her Husband was not there!
You have a opinion great, would like to hear it, you are a dissenter, great, so am I..but walk the walk.
I grew up on the mean streets of NYC, a professional theif once told me..."don't care if you white, black, brown, red, republican, democrat, socialist or what country you be from, if you stupid, you got money, I'm gonna steal it" Same goes all over the world.
Resentments carried a long time become a very heavy burden...I'm doing my part in fostering reconciliation in the country where I live..Resentments also can get people injured or killed. Two negatives do not make a positive.
Travelers are transients, so you are judged on what you say and do by responible locals...otherwise hundreds of bars where you can drink and whatever and put on a show for the endemic native barflies..professional 'anti americans'..well, too bad, I'm busy all day..home at night..and don't drink or do.....:(

PS/PD view 12 most dangerous countries 'tour'

by the way the most awesome and dynamic duo I ever traveled with were two students from Ghana in Eastern Europe to former..ah..Soviet Union early 1980s, saw more racism in 'Social Paradise' than I ever saw or experienced in USA and I grew up there in 1950s and 1960s!
Boy, some of you only need three things to travel 'light' mind..common sense and a real sense of humor!

Hapy travels.

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