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93. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru 586 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

"I wonder how the bus gets through the Darian Gap? Must put the bus on some short ferry or something. I think there's some areas there that are very swampy and difficult to cross. Pretty sure there is no road to cross through the Darian Gap. Anybody know about this?"
When in Panama go to the Albrook Bus Terminal in Balboa, just outside Panama City, buses there for Yaviza, the end of the road, from there on it is a nightmare, reports of fishing boats out of nearby Metetí, where fishermen ask $200 for passage, from here on only thick jungle with trails. Many years ago I went to Yaviza alone and the experience was well, very unpleasant, the next morning I was fortunate enough to hitch a ride out of there.
If one is serious about crossing the Gap go to Colon, the Caribbean port city of Panama, some 70 km. E. of Panama City, a lot of rough edges, be careful and head to the
'Panama Canal Yacht Club' (ask, take a taxi)where one can often arrange sailing passage via the San Blas Islands for approx. $250 p.p. or if they require a crew member or linehaulers in the you are able to work for your passage..5 days to Cartagena, Colombia, otherwise, if in a hurry purchase a flight to Colombia, Ecuador or Peru, fairly expensive, there are many consolidaters based in US, UK, australia etc. where you may purchase multiple flights (often coupons) within Latin America leaving from and returning to say NYC, SF, London, etc.

94. Posted by marlis (Travel Guru 1167 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

the easy way to go from Panam to Colombia.

I checked Copa Air,
Panama City to Cartagena,one way $208.00
Panama City to Bogota one way $ 199.00

It is ending up cheaper and safer.
Could be very hard to find a Sailboat who needs linehandlers for the canalpassage,because the sailers help each others since the put allways a few boats together for the canal passage.
Sailors have to put you on ther crewlist,the have to clear you in and out,the are responsible for you,and if you dont have any usefull skills about sailing you are no help at all for them.Many sailors have been to Cartagena before the enjoyed the Kuna Yala (San Blas Islands.The stay mostly for a short time in Colon just to arrange the transit for the canal and provision.Colon is sure not a good place to hang out.

95. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello lucy
I would say Guatamala, Honduras and Niceragua. Violent robbery is very common, in those countries. Everybody, i have met who travelled there was attacked for money or posessions. Some even had knife wounds.

96. Posted by 89GF (Budding Member 8 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I think there is a difference between "most dangerous country in the world" and "most dangerous country TO TRAVEL in the world". In terms of flat out danger and threat to your life, I think its hard to disagree with the african or middle eastern candidates like Somalia, Sudan (especially), Ivory Coast, Congo (democratic republic of), Liberia, Iraq and Afghanistan. All of these places would be harder to stay alive in than the latin american countries mentioned in my opinion. But, the countries I mentioned here can not be considered tourist destinations. These places have little or no infrastructure for tourists like hotels, communications or transport and are engaged in civil wars that are so violent and horrendous that few of us can imagine what its like to live there.

Colombia on the other hand, does offer first class facilities for tourists and many people choose to go there to visit, however given that the ridiculously high murder and kidnapping rates that occur in the country (note they are both decreasing) I would say it is the most dangerous tourist destination in the world. Which is a pity, because everyone who does go there says what a beautiful place it is and how friendly the locals are. I have a colombian friend who had to flee the country with her family a while ago, and she takes offence at the notion that its a safe place. She is fiercely patriotic too, and the situation there upsets her a lot.

Also, I take offence to the posts made by numero1 that compare Sydney to Bogota, indicating that Sydney is as dangerous or more so than Bogota. This is absolutley ridiculous, and a poor reflection of the actual safety in Sydney. Australia is one of the safest countries on earth, probably the safest and any indication that it is not safe here is 100% incorrect and misleading. I ask you numero1, when was the last time a bus was held up at gunpoint and robbed by bandits in Australia? Never. Never in recent history has this occurred (not since the kelly gang of the 1800s were robbing horse drawn stage coaches) , and things would have to change drastically here before that would ever happen. These sorts of robberies are an almost daily occurence in Colombia, so your comparison is way off.

97. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Brendan.

I quite agree with you in the fact that sydney is "probably" safer than Bogota is. True, no buses held up at gunpoint, but the number of drive by shootings, rapes, murders etc here IS ON THE INCREASE contrary to what others would have you believe. And you are very correct in pointing out that numbers of these things happening is on the decrease in Colombia.

What you say about the murders and kidnapping in colombia is true, however what the statistics fail to show is that most of this takes places against locals who live in the country rather than tourists who visit there. Statistics about this are just that - raw statistics. No breakdown about WHO is targeted, but just statistics. I know and am in touch with numerous friends from colombia and i know what is safe/not safe about the country as a whole. Cities are far safer than rural areas, and having experienced citites in Colombia first hand as a tourist there myself (and remember this is from a tourist perspective), I'd have to say they were just as safe as any other city I'd been too anywhere else in the world. But then again, this is from the perspective of the tourist who was armed with knowledge about where to go/not to go, so I don't know what it would "literally" be like to live there as a local, as I only go off the stories I get told from local friends there.

It is true, bogota and Syney are 2 very different cities and in no way can you compare either. But very different in other matters too, not just where personal safety is concerened.

Ok, if it is so safe in sydney then:
1: how come an Irish tourist can get beaten up so senseless he was put onto a life support in hospital lst week after he left a pub close to where I live?
2: how come i got an email today at work offering a cabcharge home for anyone who wanted to work back tonight so that they could be guaranteed getting home safely? if it was that safe here would this really be necessary?
3. How could you say australia is safe for tourists when we have a history of problems e.g. shark attacks, Ivan Milat etc?
4. how come something like this could happen? :

having travelled extensively I will say this though. On a whole Australia is one of the safer places to travel to and sydneyis one of the safest cities I've seen or lived in.

But all in all, what you say is correct, Sydney cannot be compared to Bogota at all. So no need to take offence at my posts

Whether you want to believe what you read or hear is one thing, however one will never know what anywhere is like until they go there firsthand. Sometimes (not saying this applies to Colombia, Australia or wherever) it can be good to disregard what you read or hear and go there from a diferrent standpoint - you may be pleasantly surprised by what you actually do find.

98. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Oh, sorry. There was a problem with the site when I posted my last message, so i was unable to edit when I got back in. But just to clear up a couple more things I failed to mention.

1. With regard to my point number 4, I meant it to link to this :
Have a look at the 3rd post in this forum.

2. In no way were my initial posts in any way "comparing" Sydney to Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali or wherever. I was just using this is an example to demonstrate that no matter where you are in the world, in whichever country, you can never really be immune from any kind of "problems". It is just part of life in the world today that there are problems all over the place, and true although some statistics can compare one country with another it does not serve to show that one country is necessarily worse or "more dangerous" than the other.

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99. Posted by Superwolf (Budding Member 25 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting numero1

3. How could you say australia is safe for tourists when we have a history of problems e.g. shark attacks, Ivan Milat etc?

Shark attacks? Come on. What are there...2 shark attacks a year?

100. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I've heard that Antarctica is pretty dangerous if you forget to take a jacket.

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