Is it possible to merge blogs?

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I have been rescuing blog entries from defunct blog spaces and have created them "as they were". In hindsight I think I should have created a blog e.g. Spain and then put all the entries in there using the post date to get them in the right sequence.

Is it possible to merge blogs into one?

I know I can create a new entry under "Spain" and copy and paste but that effectively how I got this far already! ;)

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There are two possibilities

You have decoded one of them, but it is easier to do it within TP than it would be to do from TB or VT. When I transfer the blogs from VT, I have to take my old blogs and extract the information from the tips and find the photos and put them in.

It is easier because all the photos text are in TP in the proper formation and order. So if I have three blogs about Spain, I start a new blog and write an introductory post explaining the various visits.

Then I open the page for the first blog I want to include and copy everything in the body of the blog. I paste it into "Add a New Entry" of my new Spain blog. Then all I have to do is add the titles, the country, and the dates. Put a date somewhere in the middle of the time of that blog in the Posting Time, and post the blog. Do the same for each successive blog. If you get the posting dates right, they will be in the correct order. It will go very quickly and be quite easy.

The other way is to leave the individual blog as they are, (although I would still write an introduction) and then link the blogs one to another. You use the URL links to do this.

I have gotten many of my blogs linked together. So I have my brother-in-law's funeral in December 2017 linked to my next trip to Tanzania in June 2018, and a cruise to Bermuda in October 2018 and a Caribbean cruise in 2018-2019. Then that cruise is linked to the three trips I took in 2019 - a cruise to Bermuda (which is linked to all the other Bermuda visits under Bermuda), a trip to France, and a wedding in Ft. Lauderdale.

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