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Hi All,

I posted a different topic a few days ago but thought I would start a new one just for different input etc.

Looking to potentially make use of a working Holiday Visa in Australia around October. I want to go there to travel/work when the weather is hot, hence why going in October. Between roughly June - October I'd like to experience another warm climate country. (Currently in the UK) So basically I want some kind of casual summer work. Leics made some great suggestions including Canada and the EU which I'm fully considering. Does anyone have any experience with doing some 'casual' work for a few months in the EU? If so where do you recommend. Literally open to any options however would rather not be in holiday resorts which are popular with British tourist eg Majorca, the Algarve etc. Anyone done this before?


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It doesn't matter if a place where you're working is popular with British tourists or not. If you're in the Algarve, for example, you'll interact with locals as well as tourists. You'll pick up language, you'll understand customs, etc., better than those who are there only for a few days. Plus, interacting with as many people as you can (British and other tourists included) will give you valuable insights.

Think imaginatively. If the Algarve still isn't appealing to you, consider the Azores and Madeira, both part of Portugal. They also are popular with tourists for a reason: They are beautiful places and affordable. At your stage in life you should welcome as many different experiences as you can. Expand your horizons now; you can be more discriminating later.

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I understand where your coming from, but its more just the fact I have already been to Algarve/Majorca etc which is why I want to look somewhere different. The larger city's would probably have more work opportunities. We havent even mentioned Italian/German/French citys. Tonnes to consider, which is why im hoping for some insight from people who have done the same.

Thanks for the info as well

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>The larger city's would probably have more work opportunities.

That's simply not the case unless you are have the relevant language: quite the opposite, in fact. I suppose you might be lucky and find bar work in an 'Irish' pub (plenty of those around) or possibly some work in a traveller's hostel but, other than that, few will want to employ a temporary worker with whom they and their customers/clients may have difficulty communicating. And in visitor-popular cities like Rome, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona etc there are plenty of locals willing and able to take the sort of job you might do.

The plain fact is that if you are looking for bar/hospitality etc work the places where you're most likely to find employment are the sort of places which have lots of English-speaking tourists and where the need for workers in high season very often exceeds the number of available locals. And that doesn't just mean the Costas, the Algarve & Majorca. What about Malta? Or Cyprus?

If you're not afraid of hard graft you could look into agricultural work?

If you're not fussed about earning money but are more interested in a cultural experience with board & lodging you could look at https://www.workaway.info/. Lots of European opportunities are listed but note that working for board & lodging counts as 'work' so you'd still need a work visa for those countries which require one.

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