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Quoting greatgrandmaR

Plus the total effects and not confined to the number of people who are sick. It affects everyone's life whether they get sick or not.

This is very true. Side effects of this current situation are

1. ICU beds being overwhelmed mean other things can't be treated, so there will be more deaths from heart attacks, etc. as well.
2. People being locked in their homes means more potential for psychological damage. Expect suicide rates to go up.
3. Partners locked at home with an abusive partner are more at risk.
4. Businesses collapsing might also lead to higher suicide rates.

There is no course of action that will result in a business-as-usual life this year.

The best we can do is be kind to each other and support each other through this time.

52. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1491 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

We are in the risk group - 84 and 82 years old. But we don't have to do anything much different in order to self-quarantine. Other than when we travel, we don't go anywhere. We don't go to concerts, sporting events, the theater, bars, casinos, shopping malls, or the race track. Basically all we do is periodically go to the doctor's offices for check-ups and once a week to the dump and the grocery store. We go out to eat once a week but a lot of the time we get take-out. The only other place we go is - Every 2 months Bob donates blood, and I was going to pool therapy three times a week. Who knew that we were following the self-quarantine lifestyle?

My children and grandchildren - not so much. My daughter the pilot says that the flights are full on her trips. One of my son-in-laws works for a company that is going to go bankrupt. One of my grandsons is a chef and he fears for the restaurant he works at. My granddaughter who is a beautician also has a problem. My daughter-in-law the nurse has been exposed to an active case and is quarantined and our son with her - he's working from home. My daughter the computer expert has made her work agree to let her work from home (she refused to come to work - she just took vacation until they gave in -it only took her 2 days). Her daughter has just been diagnosed with diabetes and has been told to stay home with her son who is 7 - he is also at home. My grand-daughter-in-law is on bed rest with an at risk pregnancy. Her mother is helping her.

All of the college grandchildren (4 of them) are at home and having to figure out how to get their stuff from college as they were told not to come back after spring break. There's only one grandchild still in school and she's in middle school.

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Are you continuing with the pool therapy? Although chlorine kills the virus, wet environments aren't great, especially ones filled with other people. If you can avoid it at all, it's best to do so. Pretty hard call when it's for therapy though :( Maybe the benefits outweigh the risks.

It doesn't surprise me that flights are full right now. Everyone's trying to get home while they can! My parents are flying home today from the Solomon Islands, a couple of weeks earlier than planned. Then they will have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine. Thankfully they have a comfortable place to stay with a nice view.

I have my son at home from high school with me at the moment. My daughter's birthday is today and she really wanted to go to school so we let her, but from tomorrow I'll be keeping them both home. I can work at home, so it's not as difficult a choice as it is for some. The less kids in school the better really, even if the school is still being kept open.

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The pool is a college pool and the whole college has closed. So I cannot continue with therapy. Those of us who do the therapy are a group of from 2 to 10 and we are all about 6 feet from the others because we are swinging our arms and feet around and we don't want to hit the others. One of the ladies has a son who is an infectious disease doctor and he told her - Go to the pool but stay out of the locker room. It's warm enough here now that I could just put on a cover-up and go home wet.

I have wondered if I could use the pool on the Navy base, which I am entitled to do. But I probably will not do so.

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Oh, that's a real shame. I know how good pool therapy can be :( There are so many great activities that people are having to miss out on right now because of this.

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ya, that is a shame, our local pools have closed also. I have been thru that pool therapy myself from a severe broken arm, now with a 4 inch plate and 8 screws....but that was 10 years ago. Our ski hill is closed, our restaurants are closed......but the liquor store and local movie theater is still open. Go figure.

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I do a twice weekly aqua-aerobics class. The gym is still open and says that the pool is safe but they have offered a subscription amnesty and I plan to take it. Mainly because I don't want to use the changing rooms, and it is NOT warm enough in London to travel home wet!

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We have had a very open winter here - less than 1" of snow and in March we are getting temps up to 80 deg F (26 deg C). This is bad for us because of the increased summer insect population.