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Hi everyone, this could be a long post but here goes, I'm just looking for other peoples views!

About a few months ago I set off to travel for a few months but had to return early due to health problems and other personal issues, so I felt like I didn't experience anything at all.

I returned to my place of work, but after a few months I feel unhappy, stressed and more eager to try travelling again. I am still there, but I feel it's turning me into a bad person. I have saved up around £7,000 to try and find a house, but the market is almost impossible to get into to put down a deposit! I'm also not that confident that I want to own a house, especially at the moment with the job front! Renting looks more likely to do these days, especially in my area that I live.

I had an idea of trying to save up as much as I can in the next few months (probably about £12,000), travelling for a few months, seeing relatives in Australia and then finally returning home and trying to train up for a new job. I feel like I would want to gain more qualifications and experience and try something new in my career for a change. During my travels, I could even eat into my house savings, not all of it, but some of it.

Does that sound like a good idea to you? I've probably missed a few things out but if you need to know anything, just ask!

I'm just terrible at making decisions and really value other peoples views so I need perspective!

Thanks All!

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Hi Derek

Yeah lots of us have been in a rut like that. There's no easy answer - travelling is often not a solution but it is at least a break and a relief. It can give you a changed perspective, or it can get wanderlust out of yoursystem, or sometimes it can just be a different sort of frustration.

It’s very hard to advise what it will do for you. Maybe the best guide is asking yourself how it was going last time?

The solution to a boring job is normally a different job, though unfortunately most jobs have a downside and few people are lucky enough to love what they do to earn a living. Is there anyone who knows you well who could talk through with you what job or lifestyle you may prefer?