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As a preface to this new set, I've already done many abbeys in the UK and elsewhere over many decades and my wife more than some, though the ones below have either never been done (especially by her) or were mostly engaged (speaking for myself) decades ago. We certainly don't intend to prioritize the category by lengthily engaging each of them. Hence we seek to edit especially in this context. Some abbeys, full rich and worthy stops, are more vestige/remains status than others which can be worth a pause without necessitating a large block of time.

Please note: Additionally, we are not disposed to some of the (busier and longer time consuming) traditional attractions/stops within larger towns and have factored this in time considerations. We welcome all considerations inclusive, editing and better alternatives. Please, relative to anything involving replacement, stay within the proximate geographic margins of the days as formulated.

Days 5 & 6 Cornhill onTweed (return/roundtrip) days drive base for each day

Potential Considerations for Itinerary (Scotland West & South) KelsoAbbey(Ruins)/ Smailholm&Tower/HarmonyGrdn/Melrose Abbey (W.S/Priorwood (Nat Trust) Gardens/Abbotsford SirW.Raliegh) ---THE REST BELOW CONSIDERED BASED ON TIME IF ANY: DryburghAbbeyRuins/JedburghAbbey ruins Total distance 60.1. miles 2 hours + estimated drive time

Day 6 Potential Itinerary Inclusions Beadnell/DnstnbrghCstlewalkfrom)Craster/Alnwick+NTcstl+EHGrdn&cstl/Chillingham/Crookham 83.7 miles 21/2 + hours estimated drive time

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I can't comment on day 5 as I don't know that area. For day 6, you do need to edit if you're to see the sights properly. I would drop Beadnell (it's a nice seaside village but not a must) and go straight to Craster. Allow about 90 minutes minimum to walk to Dunstanburgh, visit the castle and walk back, plus another 30 if you want to stroll round the village, see the kipper smoking shed and maybe get a coffee or similar - there are several nice cafes. Then plan to spend the rest of the day in Alnwick as to do the castle and gardens properly you need several hours. The town is also worth seeing too and would be a good place to eat. I thought you were doing Chillingham on a previous day? If not, you could have it as a 'maybe if we have time' but don't count on making it before the 5.00 pm closing time - you might have to settle for just seeing the outside. And there's nothing specific to see in Crookham, so I assume it's just there to indicate your route?

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Day 6

Agree absolutely with Sarah's Craster + Dunstanburgh then Alnwick and keep Chillingham for the other day. Do Beadnell on the way back from Alnwick if you really want to visit it.

If I remember correctly (it's been a while since I visited), you can't see Chillingham from the outside when it's closed to the public because the public access road is also closed. And if you leave your visit till late in the afternoon you certainly wouldn't be able to see the her of wild cattle, which is a major point of interest.

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Taking notes--Ta!