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Hi. I had a trip to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami planned for this week that I had to cancel because of COVID-19, of course. Southwest gave me a credit to rebook. I've been considering trying to go August 9th-18th, or something like that. I would consider waiting even longer but i'm a college student and I get really busy once fall comes, so August would be really ideal. Some people are saying things will still be a complete mess in August and others are saying things will have calmed down at least to the point where its safe to travel. I know that no one can predict anything for sure but i'm just curious what everyone's opinion is. I know its way too early to book anything yet so im holding off. I've been looking at hotels and airbnbs just to see whats available for August and theres some really good deals that I hope last so I don't miss out if things did work out.

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You're right; there's no way to know what it will be like in August. We have late September plans and really don't know what to do. We're just sort of waiting to see what it's like before we try to cancel everything. We do have a May trip that I'm sure we'll have to cancel but we're holding off on that too just in case by some miracle we can go. I think patient waiting is the immediate solution . . .

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The situation is fluid. This just in from the Wall Street Journal:

"Major U.S. airlines are drafting plans for a potential voluntary shutdown of virtually all passenger flights across the U.S., according to industry and federal officials, as government agencies also consider ordering such a move and the nation’s air-traffic control system continues to be ravaged by the coronavirus contagion.

"No final decisions have been made by the carriers or the White House, these officials said. As airlines struggle to keep aircraft flying with minimal passengers, various options are under consideration, these people said.

"But amid the quickly spreading pandemic and mandatory stay-at-home orders covering some 80 million U.S. residents, airline executives, pilot-union leaders and federal transportation officials said they increasingly view as inevitable further sharp reductions from already-decimated schedules in passenger flights."

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In another thread, I said to wait a year. Currently we are being told 2 months or until June. I think that is optimistic. August might be possible.

But I also think the financial and infrastructural recovery will take longer than just conquering the virus. So you might be able to travel again in August, but there might not be the hotels, restaurants and places to visit back in service when you got there.