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1. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1587 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

As I am not traveling I am going through boxes of old 35 mm slides taken from the late 60s to the early 90s.

I have about 50 slides that were bought in 1970 at the Oberammergau Passion Play. I hate the throw them away. Do you think anyone would want them?

I also have slides taken in Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Seattle, and Colorado by my parents. I am mostly throwing them out even if they are good if they don't have people I know in them.

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I think it might be worth contacting the Oberammergau museum about those slides. They could well be interested.

Email and snailmail address on this page:


At the moment it will obviously take them longer than usual to reply.

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Rosalie, there is a way of scanning those old slides.
I have done so once when I decided to scan my old slides from Magdeburg (my first Germany trip). It was a paid service at our photo shop. But now I have those nice slides in a digital form...
Take care and keep well!

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I have hundreds of old slides. I had previously looked into copying them to digital but never got around to it. Google search will give you companies that will do it for you and devices you can purchase if you want.

Sample search:

You could still make a donation to a museum and keep a few favorites for your digital library.

Good luck.

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Thanks, Albert, for the tip. I have many slides of my first trip around the world in 1973-'74. I'll have them digitalized here in Atlanta.

6. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1587 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

I have already scanned about 10,000 slides and I probably have twice or three times that many to do. My parents took many many photos. A lot of slides (they stopped numbering at 10,000 because they couldn't keep up, and I also took as many although I started 15 years later than they did). My dad rarely took prints other than Polaroiids, but my mom started using print film in the 90s (after he died)

I am not going to scan "bought" slides for a trip I didn't take. I am restricting the slides I will get scanned to those which show family or at least people that I know, and slides that I took that are reasonably good. And possibly slides that my children took on trips with my mother. I found some of the slides my son took in Kenya in 1983 and I may scan some of those. And I have the slides my oldest daughter and my mother took in Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti in 1974 - some of them have been scanned and I'm not sure what to do with them.

Originally I bought a slide scanner. But it took me half an hour to do 20 slides and I realized that I would have to live 5 times past Methuselah to get all of them done. So I sent some away to what was Seattle Filmworks. Their scans were a lot better than what I did. And then I found Scanmyphotos.com. The charge per slide went down the more slides you sent so I sent the maximum twice. And I also had prints scanned. Their work was better than Filmworks. They still have a webpage so I think I will use them again if I can.

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Your Scanmyphotos. com link looks great. My husband has been wanting to move some old DHS to DVD so I'll give him the link. Thank you.

I once started scanning my slides to disk and realized it wasn't worth the time it was taking. I always did both film and slides so have enough film prints to take the place of the slides I'm too lazy to scan. I've got lots of photos on old Seattle Filmworks disks that probably can't be viewed today. I do have an old 3.5" disk viewer but suspect it won't run on Windows 10. People who think putting photos on a disk will preserve them forever need to be aware that technology keeps advancing and old disks will soon be unreadable. There is much to be said for prints on paper! I like to make a photobook of each trip so I know I can read it in the future.

8. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1587 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

I think I had them do some video tapes to CD, and I know in addition to digitizing the slides, they did a lot of prints to digital. There were some I had to do myself - they were too tiny for them or else they were those old time prints mounted in cardboard so they wouldn't bend (to go through the scanner).

I've got some old 3.25 floppy disks with Seattle Filmworks photos on them and I may still have a computer that can read them - but probably not. I do have one that can read the 5.25" floppies, and I also have an original Apple+. Maybe 20 or 25 years ago, I got Flimworks to send me CDs with all the photos that I had uploaded (original digital camera photos and film pictures) but it only went back to 1998. Most of those photos are now on Shutterfly.