i finally made it! im in .hawaii

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quarantine: spill into may ? was my old post, i arrived in honolulu 04/23 , am on 14 day quarantine, dept of trans is supposed to call me to make sure i'm quarantening, there were 4 stations to get thru at airport, last one guy called me on my phone ; found a room for $350/mo ! landlady picked me up at airport, sent dept of transportation a bunch of emails with alternate phone numbers, i don.t know what will happen if i somehow miss the call from dept of trans; my shared room is in waianae, half the way up the west coast, bus to downtown is only 1 hr; ride from airport was beautiful; only saw a few surfers, not safe to hang out on beach now, due to fear of being arrested; this week will be critical for me, trying to get past dept of transportation check-in; guy at the airport entered my new address wrong, my heart sank, they cuuld have told me to .go back whwere i came from. i knew the address was good, as i had googled it, saw a picture; the 14 day quarantine makes no sense to me, i could not have left the airport if i had the virus; i have to wear a mask to ride the bus, i'll make one from rubber bands and a piece of cloth; the black plague of 14th century was much worse, i do, however support the distanceing thing and the staying home, not congregating, etc; we are over poulated by 7 billion, but i would not volunteer to die to ,save our species, the planet,etc; very few of us would; this whole virus further convinces me that unless we have a world state, ww3 will come;' the masses are incurably ignorant' statement by plato, keeps ringing in my ears