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[quote=AndyF] I thought a 4x4 would make more sense as I would not be restricted from driving on any terrain.

There are so few 4x4 roads in Europe I am not sure it would worth the extra cost or maintence. Even Iceland the F roads need specially modified 4x4s that you cannot buy on the normal consumer market and apart from maybe the far east of Russia Siberia most of the Artic circle has good sealed roads. Personally I would go for a smaller car as there are quite a lot of small narrow roads in Europe and smaller car would be give you the flexibility to drive them and if you are looking for accommodation with parking in a city my experience the parking lots have been quite small, with very narrow entrances again making a smaller car advantageous.

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Adventure_Mario, I don't want you to infer from my previous comments that I'm trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Far from it. Taking a leap of faith and throwing yourself into the unknown can be very rewarding. My parents and others used to discourage me from doing a lot of things such as quitting my job at age 25 to travel around the world. That trip changed my life. However, as mentioned earlier, thoughtful consideration and planning can help forestall a lot of disappointment and challenges.

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I agree with everyone - a small car would be way better than a Land Cruiser or 4s4. I would be thinking something like a VW. Look around you in Bulgaria. What kind of cars do you see there. You don't want something that will stand out and attract attention.

(And about the hybrid - we have one also. My husband converted a Ford Escort to all electric and drove it to work for 5 years before he retired. Cost about 11 cents a day. But that was 20 years ago when we lived near the city and he had a short commute to work We had 2 diesel Mercedes to get back and forth to the country and for me to do field work)

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