Are fat women popular in Morocco ???

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Are fat/plus size women popular in Morocco ???
As the opposite is true in much of the West.

I am planning to Moroccan next year with a female friend. She is 5 feet 10 and a size 30. She is 27 years old.

I was wondering how plus size women are viewed in Morocco ???

Thank You

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We are planning to go to Tangier and Casablanca by the way.

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Here's a comment by Michele Sponagle, who describes herself as a plus-sized world traveler, in an article dated Sept. 5, 2016:

"Meanwhile, in Morocco, I was a man magnet. I had guys following me all day. They waited for me outside restaurants and shops. I felt like the Pied Piper with a parade of men. I commented to one shopkeeper that I didn’t know why these guys kept persisting and asking me out. “You’re fat,” he said matter-of-factly. “Men here find that very sexy.” I had no idea, but apparently that's true in many parts of Africa, including Kenya, where I felt like a goddess. At a Masai village, just outside of the Masai Mara, the country’s most famous nature reserve, I met the chief — a handsome fellow adorned in beads and wearing traditional red-and-black tartan. He took me by the elbow to an area where members of his tribe sold souvenirs. As we walked, he repeatedly squeezed the fat on my upper arm. While I was negotiating prices with vendors, he stood close, scanning me from top to bottom (especially bottom). “Maybe you should stay longer,” he said. Of course, I would have loved to because I adore Kenya. He had something different in mind. “You could be my No. 2 wife. We could make fat, healthy babies.” He proudly showed me the mud-and-dung hut where we’d live in wedded bliss. I was flattered, but it was time for me to depart with my tour group. He squeezed my arm one more time. “You’re so beautiful. I know you have to go now,” he said sadly. “Remember me.” And I do — fondly. It's one of the sweetest memories I have as a chubby girl traveling the world."

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Oh wow. She likes to show off her tummy in public.
I hope that is OK with their customs.

Thank you

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>She likes to show off her tummy in public. I hope that is OK with their customs.

It is not. And it is not just a matter of 'customs': it is also a matter of religious beliefs.

Within a tourist hotel or resort it's unlikely there will be any problem but in normal everyday circumstances women (and men) in all Muslim countries are expected to be modestly dressed. The vast majority of Muslim women dress modestly both because of their own religious beliefs and because that is the norm in their country. What is considered 'modest dress' varies from country to won't, for example, see many women in burkhas in Morocco....but excess public exposure of flesh isn't acceptable for men or women.

Whilst there is no need for female tourists to e.g. cover their hair, arms and legs any woman who exposes a lot of flesh in public (e.g. short shorts, cleavage) will of course draw (potentially unwelcome) attention , especially outside touristed areas, and will certainly offend many people even if nothing is openly said.

If you and your friend wish to show respect for 'local customs' I strongly suggest she covers her belly with clothing unless she is in your hotel/resort. After all, most of us want visitors to our own countries to show respect for our customs so why would it be ok to ignore 'local customs' when visiting other countries?

> Are fat/plus size women popular in Morocco ???

It isn't a simplistic matter of being 'popular' (nor is it a simplistic matter of being 'popular' in the west: obesity causes substantial health issues which have detrimental effects on society as well as on the individual). In Morocco, the growing % of obese women is a result of social circumstances. This academic article strongly suggests that the growing numbers are not a simple result of improved economic circumstances but 'predominantly the outcome of different risks acquired from their
distinct roles
' :| (< ERROR: the link title is too long!)

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In the Arab tradition fat women are very desirable, especially if they have blonde hair, but when travelling desirability can dwindle if bottoms are too large to fit into one seat on a bus or train and depending on precise size it might be advisable to pay for two seats. On first class trains this is not so much of a problem because the comfortably-upholstered seats are wider than those in second class where eight bodies are crammed into each compartment.

Fat Arab women are also valued by their physical strength, for example they can lift and carry heavy steel cooking gas bottles that some more diminutive Moroccan men would struggle with.

But fat foreign woman tourists will also be judged on the flexibility of their equally fat purses so keep yours out of sight in a country where tourists are perceived to be phenomenally rich and mobile cash machines!