Will travel insurance be an issue?

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11. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 1587 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

We also are under Medicare and all other medical insurance is secondary. Our secondary insurance is Tricare for Life which is for military retirees. I have insurance from my work, but just dental and that doesn't apply outside the US and really doesn't help outside of our state. I've had a root canal and had a missing filling replaced and I had to pay for that myself.

I got trip insurance for a trip to Belize in 1998. There was some mix-up in our plane reservations back to Belize City from Flores Guatemala. Through the efforts of a nice lady at the airport who took us under her wing even though it was totally not her job, we managed to get on a flight. I asked if the insurance would have paid for it if we had to book an extra return flight and was told that it would not.

When Bob had heart attack in the Bahamas in 2002, Medicare paid only the part after he was evacuated to the US. Tricare paid 80% of the part in the Bahamas. At that time I didn't know I could get insurance if I was traveling on a non-scheduled carrier. Maybe I could have, but I couldn't find out how to do it.

I only buy travel insurance if there is some extra ordinary hazard - such as that I am traveling with someone under 21 who doesn't have the ability or finances to evacuate me if I have some kind of problem. When I was diving i got DAN insurance.

I do sometimes get insurance for a cruise, which, if you get it within a certain length of time after booking, will pay for any cancellation without regard for per-existing conditions. Otherwise I think it really isn't worth it.

I've never had to apply for any refunds for any travel insurance that I bought. (The Bahamas was just regular health insurance and not travel insurance)

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12. Posted by 55vineyard (Budding Member 90 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

Like Grandma, I am covered by Medicare plus a Medicare Advantage plan which provide very good coverage in the US but do not cover me outside the US. My plans this spring got cancelled and when I do travel next (most likely back to Mexico) I will buy both travel medical which will be accepted in Mexico (many are reimbursement only) and Medivac but then again I am older and had serious health problems this past year. In the past I would not have bothered but my risk tolerance has declined slightly with age.

13. Posted by Stefmuts (Respected Member 182 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

I think for most of us medical care is not going to be the issue as it is covered by other medical Insurance. I do worry (a bit) about other costs due to a outbreak not being covered, not being able to fly back home or with a great detour is actually what I expect an Insurance to cover when needed and they are now saying they won't. I already booked a trip for september, if this is cancelled due to the virus I get a refund from the agency but if it's not I will be going and just have to hope the virus won't flare up again and leave me stuck on my own expence

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