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Any customs broker you guys would like to suggest for my moving out adventure

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It's a little difficult to answer this without knowing where you are and where you are moving. To start, you might want to fill out your Profile Page here on TravellersPoint. Most of us will check that before trying to answer questions.

Welcome to TravellersPoint.

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Not sure if you are asking about traveling from one country to to another for a permanent or semi-permanent move or you are an ordinary tourist going on a holiday.

You don't mention where you are coming from. Visa requirements for a tourist and for someone seeking employment will probably be different.

Fill out your profile and elaborate a little on what you need for information. What does a "customs broker" mean to you? Someone to ship your household effects for a long stay?

What country are you from? Keep in mind that moving between countries right now because of this Wuhan Virus thing throws a monkey wrench into the works.

Come on back.

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Suggest you go online to seek customs brokers. Each country considers importation a privilege not a right and laws vary. I used a U.S. customs broker to import Javanese gamelan instruments that I still have.

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