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1. Posted by Ric2020 (Budding Member 5 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

Can I please have some advice on travel to Crimea. I am aware of their situation. I have heard some magnificent things on the peninsula's beauty and culture, but when I dig deeper on travelling to it there are a lot of different perspectives and advice, some conflicting. Any solid advice in relation to Visa's etc would be appreciated :) Thanks

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Just hello from Ukraine!
In the middle of summer it is hot in Crimea.
Near the sea it is still bearable, but in the cities it’s just an oven. Add to this lack of drinking water and tap water.
You can safely travel in mid-September.
Have a nice stay!

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Hi, Thank you for your reply. What is the situation with Visa's entering the area from the Ukrainian side? and continuing on then into Russia?


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Haven't been there for ages... You need a valid Russian visa since it is now a part of Russia.

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Well your government strongly advises against all travel there:
"We advise strongly against all travel to Crimea at this time, including transiting through the international airports at Simferopol and Sevastopol.
Ireland does not recognise the purported Russian authorities who have exercised control in Crimea since its illegal annexation in 2014.The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade cannot provide consular assistance to Irish citizens in Crimea."

You also risk trouble if you subsequently visit Ukraine, since in their eyes you will have entered their territory (Crimea) illegally.

You'd likely need to enter via Russia and yes you'd need a Russian tourist visa.

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Just a heads-up that if the Irish (or UK and probably many other) government advises its citizens not to travel to a country, or area of a country, ordinary travel & travel health insurance is automatically invalidated for that country/area.

Specialist travel health insurance cover for places where one's government has advised against all, or all but essential, travel is both difficult to source and *very* expensive.

I would very strongly advise against visiting anywhere without adequate travel health insurance.

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Solid advice. Thank you very much everyone.

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You're probably aware that, as a citizen of Ireland, you are able to enter Ukraine for up to 90 days visa free as a tourist. But a visa is necessary to visit Russia, with certain exceptions. See this link:

Please note the requirements for obtaining a tourist visa and the cost.

TOURIST visas:
A standard «tourist confirmation» issued by the authorized host Russian travel agency or the hotel only (hotel booking confirmation cannot serve as the ground for issuing a visa).

- The documents must contain an applicant's name, passport number, dates and points of arrival and departure, cities to be visited, agency's reference (registration) number.

- All the information in the documents as well as the stamps and signatures must be clearly readable.

- Applicants going for auto tourism should also enclose a photocopy of Vehicle Registration Certificate, travel itinerary and the names of the accompanying persons.

- Tourists on board of Cruise ships have the right to stay in the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 72 hours. They may leave the ship and come back on board as a part of an organized tourist group only. Tourists who would like to leave the ship on their own must apply for a tourist visa.

- An applicant may be invited to the Consular Section in person to conduct an individual interview in order to discuss the details of the submitted paperwork and the planning trip to Russia. Failure to turn up for the interview will cause a visa denial.

Go to the Embassy's Web site for the visa fees for single, double and multiple entries.

See also:

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