Thinking about travelling in August (if allowed :D ).

Travel Forums Asia Thinking about travelling in August (if allowed :D ).

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I'm thinking about travelling in August to Asia, starting in Laos. Flying from the UK. I only have a month off, just seeing if anyone was keen to join me. I haven't done this before so a little apprehensive. I've been to Thailand, China and Hong Kong before so looking to experience the other South Asian countries :D.

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Hi Huw and welcome to the forum.

Doing this just now may be quite challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's hard to predict how things will go, but you face a number of challenges. Currently the Foreign Office are advising against all foreign travel, and that almost certainly invalidates your travel insurance. If you got covid or just broke a leg you could be looking at a huge bill. Also flight routes may be available now, or on your outward travel date, but you risk Laos or other places changing the rules as the situation develops - you may not get a flight back home, or your ability to move around may be curtailed while out there. And finally you may face a quarantine when trying to return home.

In normal times exploring South East Asia would be an adventure. Right now I'd consider it too risky.

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Please be aware that restrictions are likely to continue in some form. Each country may have different rules; and travel might be restricted in certain domestic regions. The travel experience might not be the same as before. You'll need flexibility to make adjustments if things don't turn out as planned.

See these links:

You'll also need to take into account that airlines are adjusting schedules more frequently. The flight you booked could be cancelled. So you'll need flexibility there, too.

I'm currently in the midst of planning domestic and international travel. It's not as easy as it once was; and having returned this past week on a road trip in the U.S. I can definitely say it wasn't the usual travel experience. Many places remain closed and services were limited or not available.

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Examples in addition to the above comments (travelling to a country which the UK has advised against all or all but essential travel is imo madness because of the lack of insurance cover):

Laos has suspended visa on arrival, requires paperwork to be submitted beforehand, tests on entry and enforces 14 day quarantine period on all arrivals who have tested negative. I doubt those requirements will change before August.

Cambodia now requires all visitors to obtain a visa prior to arrival, have documentation proving a negative test no earlier than 72 hours before arrival and to have proof of medical insurance. Again, this is unlikely to change before August.

Vietnam has suspended visa waivers, the issuance of visas and entry for all foreign visitors.

We all feel the same desire to travel, and the same frustration at not being able to do so but, imo, you need to seriously re-think your August plans.

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Hello Huw. Welcome to TravellersPoint. You've gotten answers from some of our top experts and I thoroughly agree with them. This may be the year to start planning a trip to Asia in 2021 or 2022. I notice you are located in Cardiff. Why not rethink August and take a more local trip, say to Scotland. You can go quite far north, enjoy a change of scenery, take train, bus or even drive. It will be a new experience and there are lots of wonderful places to visit there. So often we don't look closer to home when there are wonderful things not very far away.

Just a suggestion, but it might be a good year to think about something a little different.