Canada or NZ for a WHV??

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Hi All!

So I've only just signed up on here so its all new to me!

I am planning on travelling (again) next year and I want to get a WHV so I am after a little insight on both Canada and New Zealand which are both really appealing!

Work wise I wanna be able to save to further my travels after my visa runs out so which country offers the best job opportunities for travellers and which is better payed?

Also living I want to be able to live fairly cheap (I am not fussy) but of course the social aspect is massively important I wanna meet SO many people!

Both are beautiful countries which is why this decision is difficult so any advice is much appreciated!

Thanks everyone, kellie :)

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Welcome to TravellersPoint, Kellie. It would help us if you could fill out a few details in your profile - nationality and age are important considerations for a WHV.

I am going to guess that you might be British, based on your writing style.

I can't comment about Canada; I haven't been there yet.

There is a minimum wage in NZ of $18.90 which equates to about GBP9.50. There are always short-term positions requiring workers but it does depend on what you're prepared to do and where you're prepared to base yourself. Have a look on Trade Me Jobs or Seek to see what's available and where. Auckland is the largest city by population so there's likely to be more city opportunities and bar/restaurant work there but, in the country, fruit-picking in season is always a favourite on a WHS.

Compared to the UK, NZ is not particularly cheap and, in some cases, considerably more expensive. Compare supermarket prices at Countdown to Tesco and you'll see most things are more (GBP1 = NZD1.92, so halve the NZ price for the equivalent in pounds) .

Rental prices depend on where you want to live and what sort of accommodation you want. Again, have a look on Trade Me Rentals to get an idea. Auckland is always expensive - I'm not sure about Wellington but it does depend on what you're prepared to put up with.

The South Island (and possibly the central North Island) is where the scenery is but it's also more spacrely populated. Public transport is not European standard so you'll probably need a car - see Trade Me Motors. Petrol is currently NZD1.90 per litre.

The biggest barrier to foreigners at the moment is Covid-19. Only citizens and permanent residents are allowed in across the border at the moment and both have a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. It doesn't look like that's going to be lifted anytime soon.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the decision-making!

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Hi there!

Thank you for the advice, I have literally only just set up my profile and updating all that info now :)

You're right I am indeed British I travelled last year and did the WHV in Aus, beautiful country I would like to go back there as I didn't get to do a lot of sight seeing as I worked alot!

Thanks for your input on NZ I would turn my hand to anything so I wouldn't mind doing the fruit picking jobs as gruelling as I have heard they can be, seems like it would be quite expensive to live although I plan to save a lot before hand so I know I will be comfortable.

Where else have you travelled?

I think the most exciting part is the planning! :)

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Quoting kell_holland

Where else have you travelled?

Recently - nowhere!!! This is the first time we've spend July in Auckland since 2011! Have a look at my travel map and you'll be able to see places and dates. Canada is one of the few UN countries in the Americas we haven't visited - but it's on the list!

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Having been to both, I'd choose NZ. More to see, great culture, and both are expensive countries. NZ edges the expense side by being a non-tipping straightforward place.

I'm not sure I agree that you need a car in NZ. For backpackers there's a great network of buses from place to place, and buses are a good way to meet people as well as hostels. The only things they're not good for are a) if you end up doing fruit picking work you could be somewhere out of the way, and b) going hiking, a car is useful for getting to the trailhead.

NZ has a LOT to see, and is very focused on tourism. Hostels everywhere. If I were on a WHV I'd very happily spend a chunk of time in Queenstown, Te Anau, Wanaka, Kaikoura, Wellington, Taupo, Rotorua, Mt Maunganui.

From what I've seen of Canada there's not the same level of backpacker culture. It feels more to be cities where people live, and tourist resorts in national parks. Nice, but not NZ.

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Hi. I've never been to NZ so can't comment on your question. I notice one poster above suggested you look at his travel pages which is a good idea. If you click on his name in the banner to his post, that will take you to his Profile Page and all his Travel Pages will be listed there. It's easy to look at them from his Profile Page. It's a very useful TravellersPoint shortcut.

Welcome to TP and I hope you enjoy your time here.:)

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Hi Kellie,

Welcome to TP, from a fellow Mancunian!

I have had WHVs for both countries and I'd definitely choose New Zealand out of the two countries. I liked it so much I ended up getting residency and living there for over 5 years! Canada is fantastic, but for me NZ has so much more to offer. I also think it's more geared up to travellers, backpackers and working holiday makers, and as you mention that it's important for you to meet people I feel that NZ would be a much better option for you. I met loads of people when I first arrived in Auckland; there will be so many others in the same boat as you.

If you do end up in Auckland I can give some advice about suburbs you might be interested in living in as a backpacker.

Let me know if you have any more questions about WHVs or living in NZ as I'll be happy to answer if I can.

Have fun planning!

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I'd opt for New Zealand, too. It's one of the nicest and easiest countries to travel in. On my first trip I used buses extensively and took a couple of trains, including the TranzAlpine from Christchurch to Greymouth. Buses were efficient and got me to the places I wanted to go. I rented a car last year on the South Island on the second of two visits to NZ in 2019. If they'll let me in I'll be there again in February.