Which is more important when booking travel?

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I don't book way in advance. Too much can happen when planning. I usually book hotels an airfare no more than two months in advance and I have trip insurance in case I do have to cancel. We have aging parents and aging pets so we can never plan to far in advance. I usually book online with my credit card but they usually don't hit my card until I arrive and check in. I have never booked a guided vacation except for day tours after I arrive. And even then I only book a group tour if there is no way else to see the location I have in mind.

Great. Thanks for your input ;)

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"Which is more important when booking travel??


The weather is important. Want to snow ski you need snow. Want to swim at a nice beach you need good weather and to research a decent beach location. Weather is important so you know what clothing you need. Also if bad weather is anticipated you probably need to choose your return date carefully if you have important meetings or appointments close to your expected arrival time.

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I work in digital marketing, so my opinion will be slightly biased.

The first thing that I would want to see is whether the company i am booking through has a google my business listing. I will then check the reviews on the GMB listing itself.

After that, I triangulate all of its listings and if there is any anomaly in the address listed on GMB listing with the one listed elsewhere, these companies tend to be quite shady.

This method works in a fool proof way