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I'm a long-time resident of Honolulu thinking of emigrating (at least part-year) to Portugal, (probably in the South), and seeking both like-minded discussions and advice.
I am 74, in good health, and have just begun to learn Portuguese, (I do speak some Spanish and French). I also am a sailor (have owned 7 sloops since 1989), and a semi-capable musician (mostly Celtic/Irish stuff the past few years).
I found this site after trying to do a rental search on the Portugal Craigslist and found nothing useful there. I have done a search for alternatives for Craigslist, but, so far, am coming up empty.
I just signed onto this blog, and do not know if I will receive any notices of responses to this thread, but will try to check in at least twice a month for awhile. Mike Griffin wishing you all aloha (Buena vida!)

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I assume you are a US citizen? US citizens are allowed to enter the Schengen Zone...including Portual.....visa-free but only for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period. They cannot take any paid work during that period and, once the 90 days are up, must leave the Zone for a further 90 days.

I imagine your 'part-year' plan involves staying longer than 90 days? If so, you need to apply for a Portuguese visa and have it granted before you make any plans to leave the US. It seems that the 'Fixed Residency' visa would be the most appropriate for your needs. Details of all visa types on the official site here:


No Schengen, EU or EEA country is admitting US citizens at the moment because of Covid. How long that ban will remain is anyone's guess. I do not know if the Portuguese Embassy in the USA is processing visas in the normal way. Here's their website:


Meanwhile, it would make sense to research exactly where in Portugal would suit your needs ('the South' is rather vague). The Algarve is, in normal times, a hugely popular visitor area so there are plenty of short-term rentals available. You could, for example, find something on Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/portugal/stays or if you google e.g. 'rentals portugal' you'll get lots of other sites such as https://www.idealista.pt/en/long-term-rentals-in-portugal

Imo, it would make sense to initially take a short-term rental so you can use local rental agencies and estate agent (realtors) to find a more permanent base which meets your requirements.

Although it is courteous to learn and use the language of the country in which you are living you're unlikely to find having little Portuguese is a major problem: many EU/EEA residents visit, work and have second or retirement homes in Portugal (especially in the Algarve) and, in consequence, English is widely-spoken.

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Crazy as it sounds, you can find long or short term rentals right here on TravellersPoint by clicking the Accommodation link which takes you to booking.com

To find it go to the blue banner at the top of the page and find the small 3-line "hamburger" menu. Click on the 3 lines and scroll down to "Accommodation" and then filter for rentals in Portugal.

We have also used VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and HomeAway. Most prices are by week. If you are staying longer, always ask for a discount. Sometimes the long-term discounts are listed but usually not. You have to ask but they are substantial.

If you have a favorite town, go to the town web site for all kinds of information. leics2 above has told you about the 90 days in 6 months followed by 90 days out rule for USA citizens. This is important and if you don't follow it, they can forbid you reentry . . . and will. So take the time to get your Visa in order. You may want to make a couple shorter trips to figure out where you want to settle. This would be a good use of your first 90 days within 6 months.

Good luck. I hope it all works out.

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I have a very good friend who left England for Portugal decades ago. He speaks Portuguese fluently but says his social life really only took off when he joined a tennis club patronised by expats.

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