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Well done! I got 12.:) Have you been to any of the webinars that they've been doing recently? I've been to a few and found them to be interesting and enjoyable.

Yes, I've been to three - Columbia, Guyana and Iceland. I enjoyed the first and last of these a lot, especially Columbia, but I felt that for Guyana they had too many speakers. I'd rather have heard from fewer people but in more detail, and it made the overall event a bit long. Still, it looked an amazing place to visit!

I agree about the Guyana event. I added it to my long list of places to go though as it looked beautiful and very interesting.

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Here's an A to Z multi-choice quiz to keep you amused for ten minutes!

17 for me - I've also been doing a few of these Wanderlust quizzes and am feeling pretty ashamed of myself with my poor results - except the capital cities ones - I did comparatively well on those.