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Hello there!I 'm thinking of travelling to Dublin solo sometime between this autumn and winter. I've read that there are some dangerous gangs in the city, so could anyone shed some more light,pls?Is Dublin safe, in general? Are there any particular areas that tourists should stay clear? Thank you for your help.

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>some dangerous gangs in the city, so could anyone shed some more light,pls?

I don't know what you've been reading but Dublin isn't particularly known for its 'dangerous gangs'! Like all big cities everywhere it has some organised criminal activity (e.g. drug-related) but such activity really doesn't pose any risk for visitors.

>Is Dublin safe, in general?

Of course it is.

The primary risk, as in any city, is of pickpocketing and petty theft. So don't give them the opportunity: use the standard city commonsense you would use (I hope) anywhere else. Wear your bag across your body, keep most cash & cards safely inside your clothing, be aware of who's around when you use ATMs, avoid flashing loads of cash or valuable jewellery, avoid dimly-lit and/or deserted places after dark, watch your drink in bars and clubs, don't get so drunk you can't use your commonsense......

>Are there any particular areas that tourists should stay clear?

Any areas which might be more risky after dark are simply not the sort of areas visitors want to or would normally go to. The city centre is just as safe as any other EU city centre and....when it comes to pckpocketing and petty theft...considerably safer than some. Given that you've already visited Krakow, Madrid, Prague and Oxford you really don't need to be worried about Dublin!

Do keep your eye on Irish entry requirements. At the moment people arriving from Greece can enter the Republic of Ireland without having to quarantine but that can, of course, change at any time. This is the best official source to use: https://www.dfa.ie/travel/travel-advice/coronavirus/

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Except for the virus problems, there should be no concern visiting Dublin. We're senior citizens and walked all over Dublin with no problem at all. It's a very friendly place. As suggested above, be sure to check the virus travel restrictions before you go and keep yourself updated while there.

Enjoy a beautiful and very fun city.

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Dublin in general is pretty safe for tourists. There is violence between rival gangs that gets very public from time to time but it usually only affects gang members and rarely innocent members of the public get caught up in it. That said, there is a very visible drug problem and lots of homeless people/drug addicts on the city center streets. If you go, my advice would be to take the normal precautions you would take visiting any country (e.g., keep your wallet/purse secure in an inside jacket pocket, use ATMs in a shopping center or bank foyer and if you have a fancy smartphone, don't go waving it around). As long as you stick to the main streets or any street that has other pedestrians, you are pretty safe. The dodgy areas are mostly outside of the core city center.

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Dublin is a fairly safe city. As in every town, there are areas to avoid, here there are: Ballymun, Finglas, and Blanchardstown.
Also, you should avoid drunken people at night in the city center, but it is almost everywhere in the world.
So do not worry, just follow the basic safety rules, and then nothing will happen to you :)

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Dublin is a small capital city and a great place for solo travelers. Also, with the bus system, you can explore a lot of Ireland solo and safely. Ireland is very safe and very welcoming to visitors.

Please note, my advice on the bus system (Bus √Čireann) is pre-covid.

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