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My name is Jessica from Belgium. I want to travel to Poland with my friends but is it possible to travel in this pandemic situation? Please guide me. Thank You

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> is it possible to travel in this pandemic situation?

I assume you and your friends are EU nationals?

Belgium and Poland are both in the Schengen Area. There are presently no restrictions on land travel within the countries of the Schengen Area. Poland does not require EU nationals to quarantine on entry.

If you aren't going to drive you need to research flights using e.g. www.skyscanner.com or trains using e.g. https://www.bahn.com/en/view/index.shtml

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You are listed on several web sites as living in New Jersey and graduated university in California so I'm wondering if you may be a USA citizen currently living in Belgium? If so, there are stronger restrictions on USA citizens regarding European travel. Many EU countries (and others) are not allowing us to enter or may only do so with a quarantine period. Check the Polish government web site to see how these restrictions may affect you.

If you are an EU citizen, you have your answer in the post above.

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If you are a US citizen you entered Belgium (part of the Schengen area) either on a Schengen visa (e.g. a student visa) or on the 90-in-every-180 days visa-free entry available for US citizens.

Once you are in the Schengen area you are, in normal times, free to travel by land sea or air amongst all 26 constituent countries. There are no internal border checks though, obviously, you need official ID or a passport to take a within-Schengen flight.

Some Schengen countries are not in the EU (e.g. Iceland and Switzerland) but most are.

At present US citizens are not allowed to enter the 27 EU countries or the non-EU Schengen countries. You should be able to travel by land from Belgium to Poland easily enough but might, depending on the airline, encounter difficulties if you try to fly.

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