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Hello fellow travelers,

I am here today to introduce myself.

My name is Kevin van den Heuvel, I am a student at the University of Aruba, Faculty of Hospitality Tourism and Management Studies. As well all know traveling has become very difficult due to covid. I am in need of help from people who love to travel like yourselves!

I would usually not have to do it this way but as we were on lockdown and are blacklisted from many countries we dont receive many tourists. So if you could please help me out, I would be eternally gratefull.

I am conducting a research project on the impact online review sites has on deciding which hotel to stay at during vacation as part of my Bachelor's thesis. The questionnaire should take approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete.


I read it is against the rulea but I am hoping that in the kindness of their heart they can help me graduate for my bachelor's degree.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this. Feel free to ask me questions about Aruba and how the situation is here.

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Considering the strange circumstances I will allow this questionnaire. Good luck with your studies!

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Done - good luck with your studies Kevin.

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Did it, Good luck dude. Small Island's like yours are suffering. I've been there twice and have enjoyed it.

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Completed it. I find online reviews useful although my mantra is to throw out the very best and very worst review and try to focus on the midrange of reviewers. We look for budget hotels so the reviews are very important to us. When you get into lower priced places, some can be absolutely wonderful and others a complete disaster. Obviously if all reviewers agree a place is either wonderful or a disaster, we'll believe them. However, that seldom happens so you need to look at all the reviews, weighting the newest ones first and decide what the hotel may be like. We're always prepared to be surprised too. That can go both ways, good or bad but we have been very fortunate in finding really nice low-budget hotels.

Good luck on your degree. The pandemic must be making it difficult. We have three granddaughters in college and they are all facing and/or teaching online classes. A unique experience . . . :)

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People won't forget COVID-19 for many years. Even after COVID-19, there are many chances people will be afraid of coming out of their houses without any precautions. It hit hard to all of us, Especially, travel companies . Let's hope for the best and book the best hotels soon and good luck with your research.

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