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Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are planning on travelling for about a year. Australia for about 6 months and working there for the last 2/3 months going either south east Asia or South America after. I have quite a lot of family on the east side and plan to stay with them so we won’t really need to worry about accommodation. We want to travel the east coast and then fly to the west coast see a bit there and then find work in Sydney ( have family who I know well and would let us stay with them for a couple months while we work and build up our savings to go somewhere new).

we aren’t wanting to spend a lot on food so we’ll try budget that as best as we can, we definitely want to see as much as possible and I want to get an idea for the kind of budget I need and what I need to plan for.
It is generally cheaper to travel with someone or does it not make a difference?
Also suggestions of how long to see each place etc would be great

If anyone has suggestions for where to go after Australia I’d love to hear them thank you!

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You don't tell us your citizenship, or your age. If you want to work in Australia you'll need a suitable visa, most likely a Working Holiday Visa if you qualify on citizenship and age. You can only get one once so it may be worth considering if it's a good use of it for just 2-3 months work rather than a year.

Re budget, the main saving for 2 people is accommodation, but it sounds like you have most of that covered for free.

Food prices - depends what you're used to back home. I found it a lot dearer than in the UK.

Budget depends how you travel. Hire cars or bus passes. Drinking or not. Expensive activities or free ones like hiking. I try to budget £100 per person per day for my travel, all-in including flights. You could do it far cheaper, especially without accommodation costs. The best way is to budget a typical day and research what you'd spend on accommodation + transport + food + drink + activities + souvenirs. Then look at fixed costs for the trip such as insurance, gear, long haul flights. What each person spends on each of these can vary drastically.

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Hi thanks for replying, I’m 19 and from the U.K, I am in the process of getting my Australian passport and my boyfriend is going to apply for a working holiday visa. Maybe staying longer and just working for a bit is a better idea. I’m just not sure it seems so overwhelming trying to plan the year out (even if it’s just a rough plan).

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That's good, you appear to have the visa thing figured out; many people don't. The Aussie passport makes it easier! But for your boyfriend it's either 90 days entry as a British passport holder on a tourist non-working visa, or do the WHV.

You could stretch the 90 days by also spending some time in NZ, then back to Australia.

Or it's the WHV. Most people go for the year, and many do the 3 months farm work to qualify for a second year. Think about whether he would regret using his up for a couple of months work.

The budget would definitely go easier with the extra time being spent in SE Asia rather than South America. Although both can be cheap, getting to SEA will be far cheaper, and then you have some really cheap countries where you could live on £10 a day if you wished.

I sympathise with the feeling that it's overwhelming. Once you have a general plan you don't need much detail. It's easy to head out there without more than your first accommodation planned. I suggest brainstorming some "like to sees" on a list, to fall back on when you need inspiration, but don't try to preplan too much detail. If you miss seeing something there will always be another trip - I'm currently working on NZ itinerary number 4. :)

How much in savings do you both expect to be going out there with? And when do you hope to go?