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Hi all!

I am looking to do a long road trip which includes visiting Canada then America and Mexico.
2 questions.
1) I have read on some forums that the 90 day visa waiver covers all of these three destinations... Is this true? (Meaning will I have to visit these three countries withing 90 days before it runs out!?).
2) if this is not true and I can get separate visas for each country, how long will I have to leave America for before I can return? For example if i start in America, then travel to Canada will I then be able to re-enter America to head down to Mexico?

My ideal plans were originally to stay in each country for the longest possible time on what ever visa I needed for each country. For example, 90 days in Canada, 90 days in America ect ect.

Any help is very welcome!!

Thanks guys!

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Hi Phil,

Which country issues the passport you intend to present with and when are you thinking of going on this road trip? Knowing this information may help others on this forum answer your questions.

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Thanks roam to roam,

I'm from the UK and plan to travel late next year


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I think the USA is your potential problem. We planned to travel to the USA for three months and then Canada for six months. However we weren't allowed to enter the USA because we weren't leaving North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) immediately. In order to get in to the USA we had to change our flights to leave within 90 days, and then after we arrived in Canada we were able to change them and stay in Canada for the six months as planned.

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> the 90 day visa waiver covers all of these three this true?

How could it be true? The three countries are entirely separate entities and have their own entry requirements. What matters is that the border officers for each country believe you intend to leave before the required exit date.

Entry requirements can and do change...and can, as we have seen in recent months, change very quickly indeed. Make sure you double-check the entry requirements for each country much nearer your date of travel using the official UK site:

Assuming nothing changes (apart, obviously, from the existing Covid entry bans and restrictions!) and that you'll be travelling on a US ESTA (a US visitor visa only allows you 90 days so it has no advantage) and Canadian eTA :

US: As a UK citizen you are, in theory, allowed up to 90 days in the US but the border officer who deals with you on the day decides what exit date is actually stamped into your passport. He/she makes that decision based on the answers you give to his/her questions. I've visited many times in the past few years (UK citizen using an ESTA), via several US airports and, more recently, via US Customs in Dublin. I'm always asked a) why I'm visiting b) where I'm going and c) when I'm leaving. I haven't been asked to provide any proof of e.g. a return flight, hotels, ability to support myself etc though border officers have the right to ask for proof if they wish. I've always been given the full 90 days even though I've always made it clear I'm only staying for a fortnight. But that's may have a different experience.

Official site:

Canada: An eTA allows you to stay for up to 6 months but, again, it is the border officer who will decide on the actual exit date stamp. You can expect to be asked about your plans and, possibly, your ability to support yourself.

Official site:

Mexico: Make sure you get, complete and keep the required immigration form. You will need it to leave the country. Read the advice below carefully, especially the section about entering Mexico by land from the US:

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