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I am tentatively planning a couple of backpacking trip throughout the majority of Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, focusing on conquering SEA first. I was originally planning to make this trip in the summer of 2021, but am realizing that it will probably be pushed back a bit further in the autumn of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 due to the current health situation - I want to make sure that all of the countries I visit are open without restrictions (or with few restrictions i.e. proof of vaccine/declaration of health. I am currently 23, and am kind of worried that I will feel out of place traveling in these areas at the age of 24/25. Anyone have any experience backpacking these regions and the average age that you encountered there? Thanks! :)

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I think you comfortably have a decade before needing to worry at all about being old for the backpacking scene. ...And many would say that there is no age limit at all!

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Tourists of all ages visit SEA. Some tourists call themselves "backpackers" even when they fly first class and stay in good hotels. The only time they carry a backpack is from airport to taxi and then to hotel. Walking around cities and on tours you probably will be using a small carry bag vs a big pack!

Filling out your profile can be helpful for the advice you get knowing a little bit about you. Not sure if you are male or female. Some advice can be more specific for you.

You have time to save more money up and stay in cheap hotels vs hostels if you want. In a hotel or guest house you have your own bathroom, your own TV and privacy. Unless you prefer to share urinals, showers and toilets with strangers. (You do meet people on the plane ride over, in hotels you stay at, in bars and restaurants, on tours and sometimes just walking around.)

Millions of tourists to SEA even still use suitcases, wheelies and duffel bags. Lots of retirees visit this part of the world. No job, kids grown up, got money to spare and time to travel. Some of these retirees call themselves "backpackers" too! Some of these retirees are widows and widowers traveling alone.

So, save money up. Research the areas you want to visit. (Even old reliable printed travel guides can be helpful. You may come from a country that has free lending libraries with a big travel section.)

Work up a budget and see how much you have available for day to day spending after paying for your long distance flights to and from Asia. Then find lodging that meets your budget. In SEA not all countries are the same for day to day expenses. Singapore, for instance, can be a little more expensive than Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Research visa requirements for each country you want to visit.

Pull up a map for the countries in this area. In normal times tourists show up just about every day. Some months of the year more rainy, some more hot. And there can be high season where hotels and even flights can be more expensive. (Whenever NORMAL times comes back!!)

Passport required. Don't travel with a single debit card for spending so have backups. (You might lose or damage a single card.) Credit cards can come in handy too for unplanned emergencies and for booking flights.

Good luck.

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