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1. Posted by sonofanders (Budding Member 2 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

which is your favourite b&b in the US?:)

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Are you looking for somewhere to stay, or trying to promote something? It seems a very vague question when you don't narrow down the location.

3. Posted by sonofanders (Budding Member 2 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

I'm looking for somewhere to stay ! I have no idea where I want to go yet and are open for suggestions, so therefore the vague question :-) just want tips on nice b&b's where ever so I can get ideas where to go :-D

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What are your interests? Winter activities? Watersports - swimming, boats, diving? Old historical tourist sites? Mountains, deserts, rivers???

The month you travel and where you end up in the US will give you the available weather.

Simple DuckDuckGo search:

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You don't mention where you are from. Also you don't mention if traveling alone, with friends or in a family group with kids.

Why not try a Dude Ranch!

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IMHO, isn't this is a cart-before-the-horse question?

The usual way to choose an accommodation is to choose the destination FIRST. Outside of a honeymoon, maybe, one usually doesn't want to spend their holiday just hanging about a B&B? Most travelers want an accommodation to be located in an area offering things of personal interest to see and do. It also needs to be located in an area easily accessible by public transit or other means if the traveler doesn't drive.

That said, I'll admit to not being a fan of the genre. Too many here in the U.S. are creaky-floored, thin-walled nightmares (for me) of Victorian or frilly boudoir excess; lace and ruffles EVERYWHERE. EEK!

8. Posted by 55vineyard (Budding Member 106 posts) 1d 1 Star this if you like it!

I'm with goodfish, don't care much for them, I'm not a person who cares to make cheerful chatty conversation with strangers over breakfast and before coffee gets into my system. Besides lots of antiques and knick knacks, they also often do not have an en suite bath. They are also usually no bargain money wise either, unlike B&Bs in some other countries.
Sorry but give me a nice, sterile motel or hotel any time.

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The USA is very large and each part is very different so you might want to check different parts of the country and see what you would like to visit on this trip. B&B's in different areas are very different. In New England you would find lots of colonial style places, in the Midwest many Victorian houses, South has some gorgeous old plantations, ranches in the Southwest and beautiful Adobes in New Mexico.

How long are you traveling? Do you plan to stay in one place? Do you have a budget? American B&B's are usually much more expensive than European ones. There are also some very fun historic hotels that offer a bed and breakfast option.

I'll suggest Galena, Illinois and the Desoto House Hotel, a beautiful and friendly historic hotel in a really beautiful midwest town.