Be careful with your boarding pass.. or this could happen

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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 7012 posts) 38w Star this if you like it!

Here's a long, rambling and quite enjoyable read about how ex Australian Prime Minister posted his boarding pass on Instagram, only to have it used to log into his Qantas booking and in the process revealing his passport number, email address and private phone number.

Be careful what you do with your boarding passes. Definitely don't post photos of them, but also don't casually throw them in the bin.

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When I was flying a lot I used to notice discarded boarding passes left on planes or carelessly discarded in the airport on the way to baggage claim or whatever. I keep mine until back home where I can verify that my frequent flier miles are recorded.

  • * More than once I have found passports dropped on the plane and in the airport.

I have a goofy looking passport pouch and lanyard that I have used maybe over 20 years. I attach this pouch to one of my side pockets. In this pouch I keep my boarding passes and copy of my flight schedule. Also a little bit of money in case my wallet is lost somehow although all my back pockets have buttons or velcro closures.

Works for me!

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We bring our boarding passes home and shred them. I know people who put them in scrapbooks as souvenirs. Anything with personal information should be kept from prying eyes.

Long before the internet, we were out for a walk and saw someone's mail lying along the roadside where it had blown off a garbage truck. Shred shred shred . . . everything. There have been so many hacks lately that we're paranoid . . . or is it paranoia when the stuff actually happens???

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That was really a fun read.

I don't post much stuff on Instagram and I started to worry about posting a boarding pass on one of my blogs here. But then I realized that it was a boarding pass I used in 1998, and even if someone got my passport number from it - I have a different passport now. And I'm going to have to get a new one next year because I won't have 6 months clear on on the current one when I go to Ecuador next September (2021) because it expires in December 2021.

Also they don't give you paper boarding passes much anymore.