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My wife and are are travelling through Norway and are going to make our way to Nordkapp eventually we are not sure whether to come back down through norway and then into sweden and across to Kiruna or go east through finnmark and finland and make our way to lulea in sweden - has anyone done a similar journey or has anyone any ideas which route might be more interesting and is Kiruna worth a visit if it means a detour..........??



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In my opinion, Kiruna is not worth a detour... There is not much to see, and the scenery isn't all that different from what you'll be travelling through anyway.

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Sorry to be a bit of a killjoy, but ............

I've tried these sort of trips and it didn't work out as planned !

1)The weather can never be guaranteed. It is very variable ; mid August could be 10C or 25C during the day.
2)Even July, sometimes, does not get up to summer temperatures
3)Start of June and end of August can both have below zero temperatures even in central Sweden. Think twice about camping
4)The roads can be slow, especially around the Norwegian Fjords. Speed limits in Scandinavia are slow even on the few multilane highways.
5)The distances are great. e.g. Trondheim to Narvik is 1000 km (600miles)
6)Once you have seen one pine tree, you have seen them all ? Expect hours of driving through forest roads with little to see
7)There are few facilities (hotels, restaurants, shops) outside main towns
8)Norway is quite expensive

We gave up on our plan to drive Gothenburg, Oslo, Narvik, Kiruna, Finland, Stockholm because we ran out of time.


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Cheers for the input from the above.

Know what you mean about slow travelling in Norway!! Time isnt too big a concern for us on the one hand as we have no definate plans until we head home for a couple of weeks at christmas, this main resticting factor for us though is the cost - not the cheapest of countries Norway!!

Peter - how long did you do your tour for and is there anywhere that you would recommend??