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Most members can report spam posts directly and they usually get picked up very quickly and deleted by the member mods. Replying to 'iffy' posts, as you have discovered, means the thread remains and I don't think whole threads can be deleted by member mods. So it may be around for a while.

You'll get the ability to report posts and members when you've been here a bit longer. I think there's an algorithm that works it out and all of a sudden you'll be able to see the 'report' button on each post. :-)

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Leics is right, report the spam/nonsense (when you can), probably best not to reply to it. Mods can't delete the thread en masse though we could go through manually and remove each post.

A popular spam tactic these days seems to be to include their website or phone number in the thread title, so that remains if there are any replies left standing. On the other hand these type of original posts are the easiest to spot and get removed quickly.

Note also that Mods only cover a few of the forums each, eg this is Travel Gear and so there will be a couple of mods tasked with it. It can take a day or two before one of those mods is online; we're not all able to clean up all areas.

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