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What is the best tourist destination in Auckland?

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I see your other post has been flagged as spam; this one is also a bit of an odd question.

If you're from NZ as your name suggests then I'd expect you would have an idea about where Auckland fits in. But anyway: It's a gateway. A big city with a big city feel unlike the rest of NZ, and if the general profile of visitor to NZ is looking for mountains, geothermal, Maori culture, volcanoes, glaciers, adventure sports, then Auckland doesn't really fit and is mostly a big city hub by the main international airport. Somewhere to get over your jetlag and for the backpacker tours to begin.

Auckland's attractions are mostly city ones - the Skytower for a viewpoint, the bridge climb, an aquarium, a nice waterside bars area. The scenic bits are a ferry ride to Rangitoto island or the coast to coast walkway of which the highlight is the volcanic cone of Mount Eden.

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Reason it's an "odd" question is e.g. fabulous beach in Thailand is horrendous for me but much sought by others. Put me in a world renowned art gallery and I get nothing (except bored) as I'm not wired to appreciate many of the exhibits. But put me on a mountain in the wilds and I'm in heaven whilst others are just longing to get back into smartphone coverage and suffering withdrawal symptoms.

To seek a "best" is failing to recognise that we appreciate different things - hence I agree with the understated "odd".

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I flagged the other post because it contained a spam link in an otherwise harmless looking phrase, claiming that I-forgot-what is the best tourist destination in Auckland. Hence I expect the OP to answer his/her own question in here sooner or later, probably together with the same spam link.

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Yep it has the feel of a spam setup.

But about Auckland. I find it an odd place, since it's different from the rest of NZ. It could almost be an Australian city. I've spent quite a bit of time there over the years, and I can see why it appeals to some people as a place to live - it's a sunny vibrant city with greenery and beaches. But it's also expensive, and a long way from the things that attract me to NZ.

About 15 years ago I went to a tourist place on the Coromandel, and the tour leader said "Any Aucklanders in? Welcome to New Zealand", which got a laugh. A bit darker is the term Jafa, meaning just another effing Aucklander. Aucklanders have their own laughs at small-town NZ - the jokey made up placename whydjakickamoocow pokes gentle fun at the backwaters. I suppose the rivalry is no different to that between London and the rest of England, if anything it's milder and more affectionate.

For the traveller, Auckland makes a good gateway, and for the gap year backpackers it gives some bright city lights and partying opportunities. Its chief appeal is an English-speaking city in the sunshine, and none of its attractions are worth the journey on their own. I've twice come across people who've travelled to Auckland and not gone to see wider NZ - what a waste. One guy, owner of his own business, travelled there from the UK for a one-day business meeting and then flew home - utterly insane.

I love NZ, and Auckland has its place in that. I remember one December arriving from the UK and stepping off the airport bus to a burst of early summer floral fragrances and feeling uplifted. :) But if any first-time visitor is reading this while planning their trip, you really really should treat it as a gateway rather than a destination in itself.

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There are some great day trips from Auckland, such as Piha Beach and the Muriwai Gannet colony. If I were visiting New Zealand I'd visit both North and South islands.

I'm hopeful, but not too optimistic, that New Zealand will reopen its borders to visitors early next year, when a friend and I are planning to visit both the North and South islands and several others, including the Snares, the Auckland Islands (nowhere near Auckland), Campbell Island; and the Bounty and Antipodes islands. We visited Stewart and Ulva islands last year. Both are extraordinary places that few venture to see and experience.