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Calling all male human beings to answer

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11. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

a) Was just interested to know what it is that attracts you to a girl?
Gotta have a sense of humor and their own mind. I had always had a thing for girls with "cute" feet. Don't know why, I think they feet are sexy.

b) How does a girl/lady know if a guy likes them?
Body language is a dead give away. Some girls get reaaaaal quiet or loud. Some like to intinate contact. Poking, touching, shaking, or pinching. Anything to gain attention. Get a response from the suitor


c) if a girl turns down/rejects a guy after having asked her out, is there any chance of them being friends? (yeah u might have guessed this is the situation im in...can we be friends?)

OOOOOOOOOH. The kiss of death!! Like the women, it depends on the individual. Some are cool with it... some can't take "NO" for an answer.


12. Posted by arancia (Inactive 426 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thank you for all replies. Interesting stuff here...

I think it swings both ways for the shy thing, sometimes we need a bit of a nudge and encouragement too.

Tway and Mr Isa conclude that its more of a physical attraction.. apart from our lovely mate Pardus..."I don't care much about physical features, I put much more weight on personality, therefore I can't really say what's my type."
...Pardus if you haven't already got a girlfriend have you heard of this girl called Arancia? Just kiddin

Also, i agree with Mr Remarcable - that body language is a dead give away. Also the sounds that some guys make - no not whistling but just some random sounds or noise just to get a girls attention (i suppose you could say that they're similar to animals in that sense ;))

13. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

a) personality and appearance ( i mean appearance as in someone who makes an effort to look good,not has to be good looking,and i dont mind it when your just slouching around the house looking like i can when i wake up )
someone who makes you laugh is always good but not essential.
like i said they dont have to be drop dead gorgeous but you do have to feel that physical attraction to them.
i must admit ive chatted to women before on the phone and by text message without seeing what they look like and when i met her off the train it was like 'BANG' and my heart was in my mouth and a shiver went down my spine and i thought wow shes amazing.And luckily she felt the same.
But we got to know each other fairly well before we even knew what each other looked like.And even though im no brad pitt and she wasnt angelina jolie the spark was there and to me she was better than a angelina jolie.
Also someone who loves you for you and doesnt want you to change or expect you to change for them.
Someone i can go clubbing with and not feel like they are eyeing up other men and im not looking at other woman.
Someone who enjoys the simple things in life like hugs and just being with each other watching a dvd etc etc.
And someone who tells you they love you everyday (yes i am a soppy git).
The type of women i usually go for have long dark hair and im a sucker for brown eyes and a cute smile.

b) i think a women would know just by the body language and how the guy was around her.personally i would invite her out for a meal or buy her flowers so by then she would know.

c)ive had that before where i turn a woman down because at the time i was still in love with my ex and i only saw this woman as a very very good friend and i didnt want to spoil being mates.
it did in fact ruin our friendship for several months but after some serious talking we got back to being great mates again and she found the man of her dreams and we all get on fantastic.

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