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What countries have you been to?

What are you looking for? Some tourists want to party and could care less about history, museums and other cultural pursuits. Some tourists are only interested in swimming and beach locations. Some tourists are interested in winter things like skiing, etc. Some tourists are looking for "companionship" and choose cities known for quick hookups.

Some countries are cheaper than others for day to day spending. Up to you to choose what month to visit and for how long. Daily budget totally up to you.

Where you can visit right now depends on this virus thing. Also make sure if you do visit particular countries if there is a quarantine you have to endure. Also, check for return to home country if a quarantine is still in place.

Will you be traveling alone?

Totally up to you!

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Quoting Brendon89

I have been to Europe already but didn’t get as much as I wanted accomplished:(

What did you want to accomplish? It would certainly help to know why you were disappointed.