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I'm a traveler who's very curious about new destinations.

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I don't know why posts 2 and 3 were removed, I did not have time to read them, but I travelled through Himachal Pradesh a long time ago on an ancient Tata bus from Chandigar to Mandi, Kulu, and Manali, the mountain scenery was spectacular but rather scary as the gravel highway was carved out of the mountainside with no crash barriers to prevent vehicles crashing over the edge and into the valley below. In fact the bus I was on stopped at a roadside shrine for all passengers to send off prayers and flower garlands in memory of many travellers who had perished the year before when two buses collided and went over the side and everybody was killed.

I stayed in Kulu for some time in a rented Dak bungalow, the most cost effective way of exploring the mountain terrain.
You need to choose your travel dates carefully in this region, it can be very cold in winter with the possibility of snow which will close the road, When I discovered this I decided to escape south to Delhi and ultimately Goa where the tropical heat was more pleasant.

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Quoting Bennytheball

I don't know why posts 2 and 3 were removed, I did not have time to read them

They will have been spam. For some reason businesses in India seem to feel more free to ignore our site rules wilfully than in other regions, so Indian threads are often spam-magnets.

When I look at the original post, with no detail or follow-up, I wonder if it is a deliberate spam setup as it doesn't seem to be detailed enough to get useful answers.

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Yes, the original poster is a blogger with an online presence and has posted recommendations on what to visit in Shimla and Manali, which are among the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh and neighborhing Ladakh are among my favorite places, especially if you venture beyond Shimla and Manali. The scenery is spectacular; and there are some amazing Buddhist monasteries in places such as Nako and Tabo. Check out my 2016 map on Travellerspoint to see where I went in Himachal's Lahaul and Spiti district, such as Chandra Tal, another amazing place. To get a glimpse, visit YouTube for videos of the places mentioned. I frequently use YouTube to check out destinations.

An example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd5fBC0PUsI


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The thing I liked most about Kulu was the magical ever-present sounds of cow bells echoing down the valleys, they were a good substitute for an alarm clock at dawn in addition to the sunrise over the stunning mountain scenery, hitch-hiking was also easy, I travelled back down to Chandighar on a Tata lorry (everything was Tata) built in the Mercedes factory in Bombay, the lorry felt much safer than the buses because the drivers were not in such a hurry, the bus drivers took too many risks on the unmetalled mountain highways with company time schedules being their only consideration.

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