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Has anyone got any info or ideas or tips about Equador?


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Quito was a nice city to visit (really nice, old church with lots of gold in the Old Town area). The weather was pretty good because of the altitude. You can also take a few nice side trips form there. Nearby volcano, the Ecuator momument (where you can stand in both the N & S hemisphere at onec), Otavalo for the Saturday market (very large, colorful indigenous market, complete with animal market, etc.). I'm sure there are other cool things to do in and around around Quito but those are some of the things I personally enjoyed.

And of course the Galapagos Islands. Kind of expensive though.

Are you thinking of going to Ecuador? Just Ecuador or South America?

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I went to live in Ecuador for nearly 3 years after I finished school, and I worked for a travel agency out there. It's a great country to go visit, and one of the advantages is that because it's so small you can be on the beach, in the jungle, or in the Galapagos islands within without having to travel too much.

Quito is a great city. The nightlife is good and there are lots of museums, churches and other cultural things to see, especiially in the old town.

If you are not going anywhere else in SA, then you could do a trip to the junlge, and if you have the money you should definately go to the Galapagos Islands, its really expensive but it is amazing. Cuenca is also a nice city to go and visit.

If you want any more help with hotels, where to visit etc. message me. I'm more than happy to help.


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Yeah I forgot to say I chose Ecuador because of the Galapagos cos I want to do my Advanced diver hopefully from Darwin island (its whale shark season at the time of year I want to go!) that was my main priority,
When you say its expensive are you referring to cruises or accomo or what?

I have only a month I think and I hate spreading myself too much when I only have a little time I was in Brasil for three months last year and did a week in the amazon, I might do another small trip but its not my main focus!

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Well, I snorkeled in the Galapagos, and it was Super cool. Besides the usual stuff I saw a penguin, and the sea lions were constantly playing with me. Also saw dolphins and Manta rays form the boat.

I would LOVE to see a Whale Shark while in the water. That would be so awesome!!! What is Whale Shark season? Do they gather in certain areas at certain times or something? How big is a full grown Whale Shark?

I don't really know the details of the expenses in the Galapagos, as I was there almost 6 years ago, but I'm sure there are cheaper options compared to options with more comfort. But I'm pretty sure it's still a "relatively" expensive place to visit (at least I found it to be so).

Maybe Lucyc55 would know some money details since she was just there recently and there for 3 years, etc..

PS--you'll be so close to Peru, you really should try and take a few days at least and get down to Machu Picchu.

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The thing is this is just a short trip, Im saving the rest of SA for when I have a really long time,

As for the sharks, apparently they are more common in the season from june to November I assume because there are cooler waters for mating cycles etc? thats just what I read, but they are a bit of a holy grail for me! They grow up to 40 feet (12m) and a whole lot of tonnes!! I've wanted to see them ever since I watched a feature on them in Australian waters when I was just a pup myself! Im really fascinated by sharks, apparently Darwin island is good for hammer heads too...awesome!
Im really hoping to dive with great whites at some point too although I saw a thing that said the cage dives were increasing the likelihood of human attacks, which is pretty obvious if you think about it, dump a load of sweet smelling chub overboard then a few human shaped things in a cage pretty soon they'll associate us with mealtime!!

off the topic :)

Anyway yeah Im still researching maybe I wont even go to Ecuador? if there are cheaper places for equally good diving...