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Hi, me and my boyfriend are planning on moving to Sydney hopefully at some stage later in the year. Does anyone know if I can still apply for my visa and how long it would take? (I’m an 22yr Irish citizen). And if my visa is approved are they allowing working holiday visa holders through the border?

Thank yous!

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One thing you can check is with the Australian Embassy or whatever they call it. Give them a call and check out their website.

With this new variant for this virus you may have to wait a bit longer than normal.

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You currently cannot come to Australia.

Travel restrictions and exemptions:

You cannot come to Australia unless you are in an exempt category or you have been granted an individual exemption to the current travel restrictions.

None of the listed exemptions would apply to someone wanting to come over on a WHV.

Presumably in half a year or so the worldwide situation will look more hopeful (or at least in Western countries rich enough to have bought vaccines en masse), and Australia will relax its restrictions. I'd certainly wait until then before applying for a WHV. The application process for a WHV is itself (in normal times) very swift.

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Just to add;

Australia is effectively Covid controlled and most of the cases are linked to international returns/travellers.

This has resulted in our Govt taking their time with the role out of a vaccine, as rushing it is not really needed. I read that our first vaccinations will start to take place from March or April this year, which will put Australia as covid safe probably into 2022.

I would seriously consider waiting till mid 2022 at the earliest. We had a German exchange student here and when Covid hit we had a lot of trouble getting her on a plane home, at a huge cost.

When you do get here, have a ball!

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Keep in mind that once you are granted your Working Holiday Visa then you have a year to enter the country or it will be invalid! Maybe they will be more lenient with time scales due to whats happening but i doubt it... We are so glad that we hadnt applied for our second year visa last year or we wouldnt have been able to use it (we were planning to be there last June).

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Keep an eye on the appropriate Australian embassy website for Irish citizens:

and the WHV site:

The second link gives WHV processing times.

Regulations and guidelines may well change as the Covid situation changes.

Personally, I'd advise holding off on your application until much later in the year, when the situation both with Covid and with travel to/from Australia will...hopefully... be clearer.

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