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Soo... I've quit my corporate job, bought an old Land Rover Discovery 2, I'm doing it up as an overlander and going to travel the world - I'm looking for someone who's in the same position as me; that is to say you're totally fed up of the job you've been doing for the past however many years and you're ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime; a journey where self fulfillment is the driving force and an opportunity to rediscover who you really are AND what is important to you. Not least to explore parts of the world where only a 4x4 can get you, sure it will have its challenges but the life and cultural experience this will give you will be like nothing else you've ever experienced. If you're interested let me know and we can start planning.

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Sounds like a blast, but you'll have plenty of bureaucracy to contend with.

I've read various accounts of people taking their vehicle between the UK and Asia, and it's the official hurdles which were a problem for them. Like not being allowed to drive in China without taking a driving test, or being charged thousands to take your vehicle into Mongolia against the possibility you'll dump it there.

I once talked with friends about doing this, and we decided you ideally need the main cast of Star Trek as your group. A pilot, navigator, engineer, medic and a communicator (we were thinking of Russia and the Stans).

Where do you have in mind? (I'm asking out of interest, not because I'm thinking of coming.)

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Welcome to TP,

Chances are you will be unable to mount a grand adventure at the moment. I would recommend that you take the time we all have now to build-up your profile so we can get to know you.

I wish I could join, but I have a business to run.

I know two ladies on this website who planned to meet for the first time (They were on Virtual Tourist at the time) and ride the full length of the Trans-Siberian Railway together. They had a great time.

I always wanted to get an old Range Rover Defender and a German Shepherd (with a bad attitude and only feed him occasionally) and drive from London to Cape Town.

All the best,


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Yes, it's quite difficult to cross land borders now because of the pandemic. Will the situation ease in the weeks and months ahead? Only time will tell.

There are a number of private Facebook groups that can help in planning for regions such as the Americas (from North America to Central America to South America), West Africa, etc. There now are people traveling all over the world, despite the pandemic. But know that it's more difficult, time consuming and perhaps more expensive than it used to be. For example, COVID-19 tests are required before you arrive and in some cases before you leave. You'll also have to figure out how and where to get entry visas and know the latest requirements. Will you need to quarantine?

Since you're driving your own vehicle you also need to be aware of customs, insurance and other regulations. It's not a simple matter to drive across one border to another. I've been on several road trips, including one from Morocco to Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal (bypassing the Gambia by ferry) to Guinea Bissau. Obtaining fuel sometimes can be problemmatic. Roads may not be up to the standards you're used to. I've been on quite a few tracks, in the desert, in mountains and elsewhere. Careful planning is essential but be prepared for things to go awry. They can and will occur, from my experience.

Choose your travel companion(s) wisely, otherwise you may discover difficulties -- some perhaps insurmountable -- while you're on the road.

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Before replying to this thread, please note that NoahNomad has been inactivated. I found out moments ago.

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