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I’m just starting to look into a overland trip in west africa maybe next year. Have no itinerary specifics as yet am just trying to get an idea of the overland tour companies, have struggle to find reviews specifically on ‘over landing west africa. Any feedback on any companies welcomed.

Many thanks

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Back 10 years when I was travelling W Africa I did it all myself, no need for travel agents or companies. Today you have the big Islamist problème, which stretches from Mauritania to Chad and further east. All the friends that I had that used to drive with me down through Franc, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo do NOT do this anymore. Even more difficult to advise on a company that takes this on. Better off looking at countries like Namibia, Botswana Malawi and Tanzania which are relatively safe. Good luck with your search.

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"Any feedback on any companies welcomed..."


Using a trusted search engine do a search for "tourists being kidnapped or killed in West Africa" you will find stories you can look over. Sample below:


I think you would have to be very careful of the tour company you choose. They might be partners in crime with kidnappers.

Check with your embassy or consulate for the countries you intend to visit. They may have up-to-date specific warnings you should read.

With this Covid Virus thing going on right now you have plenty of time for research.

The particular month you travel will determine your weather. Pull up a map of this part of the world and see what countries will be best for you. Looks like around 16 countries for West Africa.

Good luck.

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There are several online travel agencies that specialize in less-traveled destinations, such as those in West and Central Africa. In many cases these agencies serve as clearinghouses for specialized companies, such as TransAfrica, based in Lome, Togo, that offer tours (either group or private) to the destinations mentioned.

There also are private Facebook groups, such as West Africa Travellers, that can provide helpful information and advice. I belong to several such groups.

If this is your first trip to West Africa I'd recommend a tour to help give you the lay of the land before you set out on your own adventures. You'll find that tours to West and Central Africa still are being marketed, but it's uncertain whether they will go, given the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Rather than travel restrictions easing they appear to be increasing.

I have plans to return to West and Central Africa but don't think it will occur this year. Please note that travel in both regions is somewhat dependent on weather. It's difficult, if not impossible, to travel during the wet season, when roads or tracks often become impassable. The wet season can vary from place, so it's important to know conditions before you go. Many tours are seasonal. The countries you plan to visit also are likely to require visas, so you'll have to take those into account.

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If you are looking for local travel companies who specialize in Africa, it would help to know where you live. You could fill out your Profile Page here on TravellersPoint. Most of us check that before we answer a question. Basic information like where you are living, your citizenship and your travel interests help people answer your questions more helpfully. Just a thought. Welcome to TravellersPoint.

You may find helpful suggestions in a couple blogs done by ToonSarah who has traveled in Africa. Here are two links to help you find the blogs.
Click here for Kenya by ToonSarah
Click here for Zimbabwe by ToonSarah

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A little late to respond here, but if overlanding Africa is what you're interested in, you should definitely have a look through Ask Gudmundsen's blogs .

Not on a tour as such, but it might be useful for working out routes, etc.

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