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I'm planning to travel around Paris later this year - does anyone have unique souvenir recommendations and a typical price range for goods or art there?
Also, I'm curious to know what people's typical budget range is for spending on local souvenirs or art while traveling?
Thanks in advance!

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You'll get better answers if you fill in your Profile here on TravellersPoint. I don't know if you are male or female nor what might interest you besides a very general category of art.

My favorite Paris souvenir is a scarf (or scarves) and they can be found in any price range. We visit fairly often (pre Covid) so don't usually look for souvenirs. If we see something we really like, we'll get it and occasionally that is art. We've bought a couple watercolors and I can't remember the price but we did spend $300 on an oil painting we both loved one year. That was cheap and it's not a great painting but it brings back great memories which is what a souvenir should do. If you want real art from a respected gallery, you will need to budget for it and expect to pay no less than several thousand dollars. To me that's not a souvenir; it's an investment.

If you want something to give to friends, go to one of the excellent Paris chocolate shops and plan $25 to $50 for a nice little box of memorable chocolates. Macarons are always a fun Paris souvenir but won't last long.

Fashions, male or female, are always fun. The price depends on where you go. There are flea markets, Monoprix, nice department stores, trendy boutiques and famous fashion houses. Choose what fits your budget.

I often look in hardware stores for gifts. We bought fish knives one year. You can't find them in the USA.

Budget:. We have a trip budget and when it's gone, it's gone. We don't divide it into specific categories like souvenirs. Don't spend more than you have. If you want a special souvenir, cut back on meals or accommodations. Be a little flexible and you'll be fine. I have found Paris not to be much more expensive than home.

These are some ideas. If you fill out your Profile, you may get much better suggestions.

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"...unique souvenir recommendation..."

A small Metal Eiffel Tower Statue will work for a simple gift.

My old standby is a souvenir t-shirt. Something unique to Paris.

Budget depends on your available money. You could be staying a fancy hotel with a lot of bowing and butt kissing or can only afford a cheap hostel.

You decide how much per day you have available for spending money after paying for transportation to and from Paris. Only you know if you are coming from a nearby country or flying all the way from Australia. After transportation costs and hotel costs are taken care of decide how much you can afford to blow on gifts, entertainment, tours and food. Then stick to what you can afford!

Come on back with some information we can work with. Only you know if you are male or female, in school poor or retired and wealthy. Or your spouse is a millionaire.

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