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1. Posted by 4NCSU (Budding Member 3 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

I am seeking advice and exploring different travel forums on the Internet. I would like to take a trip to Mexico with my wife in the near future, possibly Jan. 2022. I have heard that they don't have enough oxygen tanks and many, many people are sick in Mexico right now. I know likely the rollout of the vaccines is going to be very slow there compared to the U.S. Do you think Jan. 2022 would be too soon to go? I am fluent in Spanish and would like to spend 8-9 days in the country, visiting Mexico City, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, and San Miguel de Allende. If we don't go in Jan. 2022, considering going in the summer of 2022 or possibly even later. I had COVID last October and was sick for about a week before getting better and well. I am 49 and my wife is 50.

2. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 2319 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

The fact that you have had Covid does not mean you will still be immune next January.

The sensible thing to do is for both you and your wife to be vaccinated well before you make such a trip.

You don't give your citizenship but you should also regularly check the travel, entry requirements and travel health advice for Mexico given by your own government. For example, here is the US advisory:

and its Covid-specific info for Mexico:

3. Posted by 4NCSU (Budding Member 3 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

Thank you for your response. Do you think Mexico will be in better shape by Jan. 2022: good enough for ppl to visit? Or no?

4. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 2319 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

>Do you think Mexico will be in better shape by Jan. 2022: good enough for ppl to visit?

There's absolutely no way of knowing what may happen, I'm afraid, whether in Mexico or anywhere else. The one absolute certainty is that Covid is not going to suddenly disappear (viruses simply don't do that): vaccinating the vast majority of a population will help to develop 'herd immunity' but I have no idea about how, or if, Mexico will vaccinate its population. It's also worth remembering that the Covid vaccinations we have available don't stop you getting the virus and passing it on to others: their role is to eliminate or greatly reduce symptoms so people don't become ill enough to be hospitalised and/or die.

For now, the only advice I can give you is to keep a close eye on the relevant gov travel advisories (and on any developments in Mexico) and begin to formulate plans that can be easily amended if necessary.

5. Posted by 55vineyard (Full Member 131 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

Mexico operates a "stoplight" system, with each state being assigned a color from red to orange to yellow to green, here is the map for it which is updated every two weeks:

Note, some states issue their own color coding such as Quintana Roo (Cancun to the Belize bordere) which takes precedence over the Federal color. Q Roo recently chaned to yellow, which means hotels and restaurants can operate at 60% capacity instead of 30%, how many in a taxi besides the driver and many other things. You should be able to check the status of the states you want to visit closer to your travel time.

I'm tentatively planning a return trip to Yucatan area in September. Hope things work out OK for you.

6. Posted by 4NCSU (Budding Member 3 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

leics2, thank you. I'm not a doctor so obviously I don't know what may happen. But I believe things will improve.

55vineyard, I was reading about the states. In Mexico. A few of the areas I want to go to are orange. I'm hopeful they will improve over the next 6-9 months.

I'm excited about possibly taking a trip to Mexico for 8-9 days and badly want to do it. Been wanting to travel a little internationally for years.

Hope to go to Europe and Japan in the next 10 years.

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9. Posted by WanderingJenny (Budding Member 3 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

I think January 2022 will be still too soon. As you said they will probably roll out the vaccine a bit slower. Mexico is a beautiful place with so much to offer. I have been to Mexico over 50 times and these are my two favorite places one is a well known but still amazing and the other is not so well known but is my top place to venture to.

If you have any questions, ask away.
I hope you get there soon. Be safe.


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10. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 3035 posts) 2w Star this if you like it!

Just today, on Yahoo News, there is a story of tourists stuck in Mexico.

I expect things to be better by 2022 but no one really knows for sure right now. Be flexible and be prepared for "adjustments" to your holiday.

Good luck.