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hello .
I would like to know if anyone of you is traveling from istanbul airport to chicago o'hare in july .I would like to be able to travel with someone else as i have never traveled alone and in such a long distance .
I am from albania (flying from tirana aiport to istanbul airport and then chicago o'hare )
Thank you .

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Hi Daniela,

Welcome to Travellerspoint!

I think unfortunately it's probably quite unlikely you'll find someone who will happen to be on that same flight from Istanbul to Chicago.

I'd just like to say that long flights are not as scary as you might think. The flights themselves are mostly just very boring. Lots of hours spent in a plane watching movies and trying to sleep in uncomfortable positions. Other than that, nothing much to it. Some people chat to the person they are sitting next to for a bit. Some don't. Both are totally normal.

Do you have someone meeting you on the other end in Chicago?

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I have had a lot of long flights. For me, no big deal! I read a lot and spend most of my time with my face stuck in a novel. Some passengers will talk your ears off and some just want to snooze or watch the little TV screen.

Do not arrive at the airport at the last minute. I personally show up for my international flights 2 hours before boarding. Take the time to read up on what you can take on the plane so you do not have stuff taken from you at security check-points. (Your airline website will go into this. Also they will tell you about size limits for your carry bag too.) My check in bag is easy to recognize from a distance. Many bags look quite similar. Some people have stickers on the side or bottom or ribbon or tape on the handle. Nothing like missing bags to screw up a holiday.

  • I keep my seat belt on most of the time. I may give myself little slack for comfort when in the air. This way if the flight has a little sudden turbulence you won't go flying around and break your neck.

On the flight over take the time to get up and walk and stretch a bit. Read up on blood clots (DVT) when flying long distances Don't lose your passport! Before you leave the plane verify you have your passport and your wallet/purse.

You should be okay. But don't give the flight attendants a hard time or you could be put on a "no fly" list.

Good luck.

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assume you are flying turkish airlines the whole trip, so connection in istanbul will be no problem.

several flights on turkish over the years ( none recent of course ) - throughout the staff has been most helpful and friendly at all levels of the flight. the new airport probably is very nice, but still better to be at the gate early rather than last minute.

having some years go having a travel companion leave passport and wallet on the plane after landing, do be mindful and check twice. she didn't.
and if you have several hours to spare in the terminal, there is an private company in the arrivals area which can fill the hours with a short tour or visit - we went to a local mall for two hours.

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I like to get an aisle seat after years of having a window seat, so I can get up and walk around (good for your circulation and helps to prevent possible blood clots). I also take some small snacks and besides a paperback take a few magazines for lighter reading (like People, stuff like that) since your eyes get tired from strain.
Also please don't be THAT guy who gets up 8 times or more to get stuff out of your bag in the overhead bin.

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Female. Wear comfortable shoes, leave the high heels for other places.

Some travelers bring eye shades to make it easier to sleep. Also, some passengers bring their own pillow either blow up or the horseshoe shaped style.

Even before this virus thing I always traveled with some wet wipes. Your pull down tray might be dirtier than the toilet seat. (Think people changing diapers on this tray when the seat belt light is on!) So, wipe your tray off with the wet wipes!

"With 2,155 microbes per square inch, the table tray is far dirtier than a typical airplane toilet seat, making it an extremely unsanitary surface to eat your food from," Microban International noted."

Like previously mentioned - don't lose your passport! Also don't allow it to get wet or rip pages out or you will have problems. Have more than one debit - credit card. If you travel with single card you might lose or damage the card. Don't despair - bring a spare!

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