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I'm from London, lived here my whole life.

London, as great as it is, isn't everything, for every inner city existence I am, I'm without and neglected of a suburban experience, but I'm lucky.
I like coming home when it's late, like 11 pm onward because, things are still open in London at that time, and I'm used to it; so if I'm seeing somewhere in England (or wherever) and I leave that evening when everything is closed, and arrive back late, at least I know when I'm back in London, things are still open, and a good home coming is just a special as a good trip, I think.

There are places I wish to travel to, just because; and these places are off the beaten track, and I'd hate to live there, but, could visit for a week or two or a couple of nights, for a different pace of life to what I'm used to.
There have been times where I've stopped off in countries on my way home, and made sure I wasn't stuck out in what felt like the middle of no where, Belgium to me, just so I can return to my life; hit the town in London's West End, Soho that night if I played my cards right type of existence.

I want to see a lot of places.

I've mapped out one trip I wish to make that I haven't, and that's Whitby, but, I'm still working on the logistics of that 'Staycation' for when I'm allowed to travel further than local assuming the borders will still be closed to me because of Covid, but everywhere else I've mapped out, I've done, been.

The places I wish to go are:

Whitby, England

Liverpool, England (check out Bold Street).

Springfield, OR
(near Eugene).
Portland, OR
(If I'm going to be in Oregon anyway, may as well day trip it to Oregon's big city one Saturday night, and visit Portland, OR from Springfield, OR).
Waukesha, WI
(near Milwaukee) (same trip as Oregon).

New Orleans, LA (seems interesting).

Austin, TX (seems fun).

Los Angeles, CA
West Hollywood, CA

Seattle, WA

Denver, CO
Aspen, CO
Fairplay, CO

Paris, France
(its own trip).

Saint Tropez, France
(its own trip).

The Rock of Gibraltar

Venice, Italy

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Mt. Fuji, Japan

Melbourne, Australia
(seems fun).

Havana, Cuba
(one solo, one Christmas, and I want to be in a walled off resort by a pool on a lounger in a drunken stupor with mojitos for that Christmas Day - that's the dream/wish).

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Look, mate, why don't you publish this excellent story on your profile?
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It's just a suggestion.
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