Sam? Is this correct?

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How close to the true Norway is this?...
It sure sounds beautiful, is it really that expensive?

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I always remember that Norway is meant to have some of the most expensive beer in the world...

Norway charges high beer taxes - more than double those in Sweden and five times the rate in Denmark - in an effort to minimize drinking.



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Yep, it's true... and yes, it's expensive here too :)

It's more like 9 dollars though at the most expensive place to have a beer, and you do get a decent .4/.5 litres for that Mind you, it doesn't seem to stop the Norwegians from drinking much at all though. Even after the latest law in which you now cannot smoke in bars, research done shows still the same amount of people smoke... (on a totally different note, I'd like them to also do research into the amount of detergent sold... clothes smell so much better the next day if others around you don't smoke!)

Anyway, back on track. The scenery here is amazing, although I haven't gotten to see that much of it yet. There's great benefits too, like catching the tram that stops in front of your house and taking it up the mountains in the winter to do some skiing for a day. It's neat to live in a city where you can swim in the harbour (yes, it's that clean...) in the summer and ski in the mountains overlooking that harbour in the winter. Not to mention the fact that Norwegians love to take weekends away at cabins as an integrate part of their lifestyle. It's wonderfully relaxing to visit a summer cabin or winter cabin for a few days just to get away from the city and work etc.

Another interesting thing is how Norwegians take holiday. July is basically what is known as 'felles ferien', which means 'common vacation'. I think half the country takes the whole month off and cities like Oslo are just dead in that period!! It's quite funny to see.

It's a wonderful country, but save a little before deciding to travel here! :)

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Sam, if someone had 4 days in Norway...what would you say they have to see?
P.S. Is chocolate liquor as expensive as beer???

5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5586 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Well, in the summer, 4 days would be a nice length of time to just explore Oslo and surroundings. It would be too short I think to head to Bergen or some of the other cities since you're going to end up losing a day or two in travels.

I'd certainly recommend Vigelands Park and also the mausoleum of the brother of the guy that did the statues there. There's a link in my blog (link above) to that website. I was really impressed and aparently people that live just around the corner from it don't even know about it.

Then there's things like the ski jump tower and in the summer, just catching a ferry out to one of the many islands in the harbour for shrimps on løf (white bread) with white wine is superb! There's also a ton of museums, but I am not really one for these... I did like the maritime one and the Kon-Tiki museum nearby. There's the National gallery as well as the Munch gallery (which is currently missing two of the most famous pieces after last years robbery) as well.

Hmmmm, what else? Plenty of nice walks and in the winter you could go skiing on the mountains looking over the harbour. You won't find skiing areas within half an hour of many capitals, especially not with harbour views!! Given it's no French Alps, but it's great for a weekend/day :)

CC, never heard of chocolate liquor.... probably very expensive, the taxes are on all alcohol types!