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1. Posted by Trebor Illusion (Budding Member 268 posts) 25w Star this if you like it!

Is there anywhere you've heard of and thought about going?

Can be anything, unique, restaurant chain, street food, anything I'm not thinking of, interesting places to eat, that you want to go to.

There's a restaurant in a small Colorado town called Rifle called Shooters Grill where the staff wear guns.
YouTube - Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns
I heard since she's now a Congresswoman.

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Thanks for the link, Trebor_Illusion!
Good news, but during my trips I usually go to a café or a restaurant following the advice of locals. Thus, we discover unique (and often non-touristy) places on the spot. I find it hard to choose anything beforehand.

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I don't particularly have anywhere in mind at present, but one of the main reasons that we visited Kobe in Japan was to try the famous beef there. Very much enjoyed both the beef and the city.

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When I was looking at Oregon, I was looking at Voodoo Doughnut.

I was looking at the one in Portland on a day trip to Portland from Springfield and then I learned of Eugene having one (Eugene being Springfield's sister city and in the area) so was added to my to do list for Eugene; do my shopping in this guitar shop perhaps with my eyes, walk off to Voodoo Doughnut for lunch or whatever, return to the guitar store to make the big purchase and take a taxi back with big purchase to the hotel in Springfield I wanted... That was one way I was for sure figuring to fit in Voodoo Doughnut in Eugene; was guitar shopping since it was close by to the guitar shop in town... Even if I wouldn't have found any guitars I wanted to buy, I'd still have looked in and there's a Voodoo Doughnut right there, so why not? Still could check out the one in Portland on my planned day trip to see Portland, Oregon regardless, so that location in Eugene was more of a bonus, if anything.

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