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1. Posted by chasefortravels (Budding Member 2 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

Hi everybody,

Its good to be here. I am way too new to this forum, but I am glad that I have found it, so I thought I will start to introduce myself and my husband. We are Angela and Alajos, officially based at the moment in London, but originally from Hungary. We both speak english, we have 12 years now leaving in the UK. We both are still young :) I mean myself being 30 and my husband 35. :) So I say thats a good age. My first reason why I have started to search for those groups who like to travel or anything travel related, that me and my husband are preparing for a big trip which we are hoping that will last for at least 6-7months, obviously now everything depends on the covid and travel restrictions, but lets imagine and be positive that everything will run the way how we pictured.
We both love travelling, we already visited many countries, 4 continents and we would like to start and try to turn this addiction to our full time job , I know is not that easy as its sounds, but we both think we have to try now.

So basically from this reason, we are looking for a couple to travel with to Southeast Asia from September/October this year, starting either with Bali or Thailand.

Our main aim is to create a youtube channel and start vlogging, blogging, and build our instagram as a travel couple , for us everything is new. But i have experience in creating and editing videos, photography, etc, some in blogging, so lets say I dont have to start everything from the beginning. My organisation skills are good as I am an international wedding planner dealing with destination weddings, so I love creating and organising, reaching out to brands, etc. I am hoping to find a couple who wants to go in the same direction with their life and try to make their dreams come true. Obviously if we find somebody who is interested we will communicate with each other, get to know each other and plan together everything. Trips, places, content....etc... It doesnt have to be for such a long time everything, but would be nice to start together, plan, explore, and of course share the expenses.

Please do not hesitate if you think this is what you want, I am not an agent and I am not working for anybody to have this as an add, I am just asking as a private person,as we are going anyway and would be great to have some friends around :)

Have a wonderful week ahead and I will be here.

Lots of Love,

Angela and Alajos

2. Posted by goodfish (Full Member 235 posts) 3w 1 Star this if you like it!

chasefortravels, I wish you luck, really, but to be honest? Vloggers, bloggers, instagramers, Youtubers are a dime a dozen these days. There are many, many people out there with experience in photography and video + have superb organizational, editorial and communication skills.

What you evidently do not have is something unique to set you apart from all those others. I helped build brands for some 20+ years and don't see anything in your post which would impel me to invest time or money behind your endeavor as it's not clear what you are trying to accomplish.

Not trying to be a downer here but, well, until you can determine a need for whatever it is that you want to market, and differentiation of your product from what's already available, you might have trouble finding partners able to invest plus go without income for an undetermined amount of time.

Editing to add: Very kindly but "Lots of Love" is not a professional closing to an ad for business partners. Oh, and advertising for businesses, potential or otherwise, are not allowed on TP.

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3. Posted by chasefortravels (Budding Member 2 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

Hi goodfish,

Thank you for your kind worlds.

But there is a huge misunderstanding here, as I am not looking for a business partners is not even an add and I am not trying to sell anything.

Is just a normal post that I am looking for couple who wants to join us for travels without benefit, just as me and my husband won’t be alone and we can share maybe the expenses like renting a villa, etc... there was nothing unique in this post only just a friendly ask and not a professional.
I know how to close down an email from this post also you could tell that is just nothing formal.
If people are looking to travel for example to Bali but they would like to share their villa as they don’t want to pay that much.- this was my intention.


4. Posted by goodfish (Full Member 235 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

OK, gotcha. It was confusing because of the lengthy explanation about what you and your partner were expecting to accomplish professionally on this trip, to "turn this addiction to our full time job" and wanting to "find a couple who wants to go in the same direction." It sounded very much like you were looking for more than just casual company on this trip. It's helpful that you've clarified otherwise. Good luck!