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113. Posted by Trebor Illusion (Budding Member 261 posts) 6d Star this if you like it!

For personal reasons, I've decided to cancel my Amesbury bookings (I just couldn't make peace with it in the end); and I've cancelled my Saturday in Whitby because I was concerned of the overlap of checkout @ hotel 1 where I found that room and check in at hotel 2 where I still plan to have a room on Sunday to Monday and, didn't get a straight answer from hotel 1 for Saturday on if I'd be able to keep my bags there after check out at 11 am on Sunday knowing that hotel 2 offers no such bag holding service for me to use to drop my bags off before check in there at 3 pm.
I know hotel 3 on Monday - Tuesday will do this for me, but I got scared of being in Goth Weekend with my bags on me waiting until check in time AND... I decided it was too cool of an opportunity to miss first arriving in Whitby minutes after sunset on Halloween (sunset is said to be at 16:28 that day, I'm due to arrive at 16:40!... So I'm reverting back to my original trip, getting in on Halloween, spending All Souls Day there and getting out on Tuesday coming home...
As cool as it was to find what I wanted when I found that Saturday Night hotel I originally wanted, the opportunity to arrive minutes after sunset on Halloween (and the not wanting to risk being stuck with my bags that weekend's festivities), is bitter sweet, bummed that I don't get to use that amazing Saturday Night hotel I've found, but stoked that I'm getting to keep my arrival time on Halloween.

I figure Whitby looks so nice, I'd return to Whitby after this initial trip to one of the hotels that excited me (great location, great services) some other time, and keep my spooky Halloween/All Souls trip as it is, as it will be my first time going Whitby, so the first time I've been to Whitby I can say, I arrived just after sundown on Halloween.

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116. Posted by AndyF (Moderator 2286 posts) 1d Star this if you like it!

Trebor, two points:

1) Please don't revive fights. It serves no good purpose to post criticising other members and such posts will simply be deleted.

2) You're the only person contributing to your thread, for perhaps the last dozen posts. If you just want to post stuff, put it on your blog. Or if you want to use the forums as designed, to ask for advice, pose specific questions. As you have been repeatedly told before.

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